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Tyre wear for player


Feb 28, 2011
Hi guys and girls of course, does anyone know how do i can change the tyre wear for the player only?

Thanks for help in advance

Graham Laing

Retired Staff
Oct 8, 2010
Generally avoid extreme setups, where the camber is set fully to the maximum or minimum values. The extreme cambers may give you better turn-in to a corners, or grip in the corners, but they tend to come at a price i.e additional tyre wear.

Also don't have a heavy right foot when accelerating out of a corner, feed the throttle in gradually, and/or short-shift your gears to a higher gear a little bit earlier. A heavy right foot will light up and wear out your rear tyres.

Try not to brake too heavily for too long that you get a lock-up. Use cadence braking, where you hit the brakes hard initially, then as you decelerate you gradually release the brake pressure. With practice you'll get the timing right.

Setting your car to use high brake pressure in the garage, is not necessarily the best option for your style of driving. If you lock up a lot, set your car to use medium or low brake pressure.

I don't know whether they are 'player only', but you might want to add a tyre wear mod to your game if you are struggling. Here is a couple :-



Cheers :)