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Tx wheel

Discussion in 'GRID Autosport' started by Oops, Apr 11, 2015.

  1. Oops


    Hi all, does anyone have settings for the thrustmaster tx wheel? I have searched this thread and found a few settings but the steering always feels weird.
    Or can someone please explain to me what these settings actually mean, saturation! linearity! So I can set the wheel up for myself
    I have found this from code masters themselves :-

    Explanation of the Advanced Wheel Settings...

    Dead Zone
    This setting can be used to create a dead area around the centre of the wheel. If you feel the steering is too twitchy, increase this setting to increase the size of the dead zone. Note that a higher Linearity value (see below) may give a more desirable effect than increasing the dead zone, so consider trying that before increasing the dead zone.

    This alters the amount that you have to turn the wheel to make the car turn. Increase this if you feel the steering is too sensitive. Reduce this if you feel that you have to move the wheel too much to get around the corners.

    This dampens the information received from the inputs made upon the wheel and what you see in-game. Increase this if you are finding steering too responsive. Decrease this if you feel the steering is too sloppy.

    I take it this is right
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