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Discussion in 'GRID 2' started by J van E, Jun 3, 2013.

  1. J van E

    J van E

    I thought it might be a good idea to repost two tips I posted on the CM-forum. The first is hardly a tip, but well...

    Tip 1
    I've been reading a lot about people being utterly annoyed by the useless commentary, before, during and after races. Well, in previous Codemasters games the following might have been harder to accomplish but... since I keep on reading complaints about it, here is my Tip of the day.

    Go to the Options screen, then to Audio... en set Speech to ZERO. That's it. The guy is gone. Forever. Yes, sorry, it's that simple...

    While you are at it, you might also want to turn the Menu music off, which in fact also turns off the occasional music during races. The game has improved a lot after turning of that guy and the music. Beside that daft and useless commentary I also never liked how sometimes music would come on at the end of certain races... Now it's just me and the sound of the car. And the nice sound effects. And it's nice having some peace and quit in between races too imho. ;)

    Tip 2
    I had a nice second tip but found out CM punishes you for using tweaks by not getting you online, not even in SP your profile will be updated. So I removed the tip.
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  2. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld
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    Sometimes solutions can be so simple. Thanks J van E, my issue is solved now :thumbsup: