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F1 2020 Two questions about possible changes

F1 2020 The Game (Codemasters)
Hello everyone. I would like to ask about 2 aspects that are destroying whole immersion for me while playing F1 2020 and possible solutions if exists :

1. Can we somehow tweak AI race strategy to avoid 3 or more pit stops without having any car damage? For example in Bahrain or Canada AI drivers were stopping 3, some even 4 times and they are losing so many time for no reason going S S S M tyres. This is way unrealistic. Even if they are on fresh compound they cannot overtake easily which leads us to next question :
2. Is it possible to make faster cars overtake worse cars easier? When people make so much stops they get stuck in traffic behind slower guys and cannot go past them even when Bottas or Hamilton have new set of Softs and have someone like Grosjean on old mediums they struggle for few laps to finally overtake...

I hoped that strategy issue will be fixed by Codemasters in this year version cause in 2019 this was also a problem ( I didn't played older versions, last was prolly 08 but during pandemic I felt in love with F1 after watching whole 2019 then 2018 season and 'Drive to Survive' on Netflix ). Unfortunately I am realism nerd and even if I can somehow survive lack of mechanical issues ( which is bullshit also ) I cannot have fun gaining places cause of ****ed up strategy. Would be grateful if you give me some answers if possible.
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1.No way.
2.There is a mod for more battles and easier overtakes:
1.No way.
2.There is a mod for more battles and easier overtakes:

Thanks for the answer, I saw your mod already and it is a lot of fun for many people. Unfortunately, more battles aren't what I want I just need the boring race like in real life with a mechanical edge that faster cars have over slower ones. I need realism. ;)