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  1. Craig Stevenson

    Craig Stevenson

    OK so BestBuy are closing there stores in the UK after only a couple of months and I've been keeping an eye on the closing down sale which started yesterday with just 10% off TV's :-(

    I am giving very serious consideration to buying a 3D TV, this will be used for TV and it will also replace my 24" & 19" monitors on here which is my gaming rig and for PS3.

    I'm considering or the 40" version or the in 37 or 40" amongst others. One problem I have is the area I have available, a 40" would be slightly too large in height to fit under the shelf ([​IMG]), so I would have to raise it slightly and redo the trunking for all the cables or wall mount the TV which may just involve moving the trunking slightly. The other option is to go down to a 37" TV which should fit fine using the stand.

    Is anyone using one of these TV's as a Monitor and what are they like for gaming and 3D Gaming and any others suggestions model wise.

    I have 580GTX vid card BTW.