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TV Advise...

Discussion in 'Sim Racing Hardware' started by Gilbert Ghammachi, Nov 24, 2012.

  1. Gilbert Ghammachi

    Gilbert Ghammachi

    Hey guys,

    I was searching the Forum but i couldnt find anything on that topic....

    I want to replace my old tv as it is quiet old and I am pretty sure because auf the response time I lose time on track (especially on PC such as rf2)
    I am looking for a 40" TV which I can use to race... Should be thin... Don't mind if it is LED or plasma... I will only play on that TV so don't need a sat receiver integrated....

    Oh sims - mainly RF2 and GT5....
  2. Hampus Andersson

    Hampus Andersson

    Not sure what your budget is but i found these, 100Hz and 2ms, 40 inch.

    • Phillips 40PFL6605H
    • Sharp Aquos LC-40LE705S

    Those are the only ones i could find on a swedish site that was reasonably priced compared to the others.
  3. Kasper Stoltze

    Kasper Stoltze

    My advise: NO TV AT ALL!

    TV's have way to much input lag! Go for a monitor instead, or a projector if you want it to be really big.
    Even if the specs on the TV says 2ms responds time, this is the time for a diode (in a LED TV) to switch from black to white. It will be a longer respons time for e.g. yellow to blue.

    The monitor I know of with the lowest input lag is iiyama e2710 hds 27".
    You can see a video of the monitor in use here:

    (Hope you dont mind Niels)

    Pay attention to how the virtual wheel are following the real wheel, where on other videos the wheels are not in sync at all.

    I say it again, dont go for a TV.
  4. Gilbert Ghammachi

    Gilbert Ghammachi

    hmm.. the Problem is I wouldn't have the space mounting 3 Montiors next to each other.. max I could fit there is 120 cm - which I am having currently and my girl friend is willing to get a new TV/Monitor but if it is a bit smaller.. (what I don't mind because I know the current setup is crap)..