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Tutorial Track Editing ,Adding Johnnie Walker to Monaco and Singapore..

Discussion in 'F1 2011 - The Game' started by Barnes, Sep 26, 2011.

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  1. Barnes


    It's very simple to add Johnnie Walker to Monaco and Singapore yourself.

    Using Ryder's pssg editor 1.8.1, open the patchup_ot2.pssg located in the route_0 folder of the track you want to edit.look for files named F1_2011_boards (white with Black lettering in Monaco) and replace it with the ad I have attached in this thread.

    Singapore the F1 2011 boards are located in the patchup_ot.pssg in the main Singapore folder.There is White,Blue and Red, so replace any one you want or all.I used a UBS board on the Blue one and JWalker on the White one and left the Red F1 2011 board,I like it.

    You can also find most of the ads in either the patchup_ot or patchup_ot2.pssg.The floor ads are located in the tracksplit.pssg.Just hit export to save the ad you want then hit import to overwrite what ever ad you want.

    Then hit save , and save it some place safe,DO NOT OVERWRITE THE ORIGINAL.Make backup of the original then save it to the route_0 or the main track folder.

    Thats it!
    View attachment Johnnie Walker.rar

  2. Gancir


    Thanks, I did it :)
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