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Would you be interested in playing a demo version of racing titles?

  • Yes, I already play game demos

    Votes: 104 36.5%
  • I don’t play demos, but I’d be interested

    Votes: 102 35.8%
  • I might play a demo

    Votes: 54 18.9%
  • I’m not interested in playing demo games

    Votes: 25 8.8%

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Tutorial: How to make a physical mesh for your track

It's a bad practice to use the visual layer as the physical one which is used to calculate the collision and physics.
The correct way would be to have a low-poly visual mesh without collision and a high-poly and invisible physical mesh used for collision.

That in turn gives you a similar feeling, road texture and force feedback like on a laserscanned track!

Here's how it's done: