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Tutorial for those who like play Offline race against the AI's

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Philip00, Jan 23, 2016.

  1. Philip00


    Hi all!

    First of all I have to tell you that my English is not so good, I hope all of you understand what i want to tell, if not feel free to ask me. I like Rfactor very much especially play with Grand Prix mods. I am very happy that Rfactor has wide range of Formula mods. I prefer play offline because i like HE mods. However if you not setting up properly the HDV, AIW, PLR files, you will be disappointing to play against AI especially those who like 100% race (78 laps in Monaco for ex. ). Becasue of this i tried to find out what is the best setting for everything for the perfect race.

    1. Give AI good setup. You can add for AI setup to different track but not just 1 setup for everybody. You can add different setup for different teams.

    a. Make a setup and copy this setup to the vehicle folder. In my example i make a setup for McLaren in f1 1989 mod. I copy this setup to Gamedata/Vehicles/F1_1989/1989/01-McLaren

    Then make a setup for Ferrari and continue this method: Gamedata/Vehicles/F1_1989/1989/13-Ferrari and so on with all the teams.

    Then go to GDB file from track what you want this setup use for. In my example 1990Phoenix: Gamedata/Locations/F1_1990Tracks/Phoenix90/ Find the GDB and go inside:

    In here find this line:

    SettingsFolder = 1990Phoenix
    SettingsCopy = Grip.svm
    SettingsCopy = 1990Phoenix.svm
    SettingsAI = 1990Phoenix.svm
    Qualify Laptime = 70.223
    Race Laptime = 72.149

    In my example i rename all my setups to 1990Phoneux.svm (very important that the name of the setup and the SETTINGSFolder must to be the same)

    Then copy one of the setup to the setting folder UserData/Yourname/Settings/1990Phoenix

    Then go to the Game->Raceweekend: In setup click the setup what you have copy before and click assign : The AI find all the setup with this name in the Vehicle folder and load it (so the Ferrari use different setup than the McLaren and so on...)

    Then load the setup wht you want to use for yourself

    2. AIW: Go to the AIW file for the track what you want to play for and find this lines :

    Slowwhenpushed: change it from 1.0 to 0.10 (AI will not scare from you when you side by side fight against him)

    AIDraftStickiness: use "4" for for tracks with long straights, use "3" for street tracks or narrow tracks (like Monaco, Montreal etc.) (This control when tha ai duck from slipstream adn attemp to pass, the lower number means that the AI earlier start to pull over from sliptream)

    3. HDV: Go to the vehicles HDV and change this: AIMinPassesPerTick: Change it to bigger number, i usually use 20 (becareful it use more CPU)

    4. PLR: AIlimiter, change from 1.0 to 0.1 ( i know usually describe that change to 0.0 but in my opinion yur opponent not always make best lap, sometimes the lap times can be different)

    AIMistakes: change from 0.0 to 0.01 (the AI very rarely do intentionally mistakes)

    5. Qualifying: Go to the HDV files, and change the Fuelrange: Forexample in f1 1989 hdv : FuelRange=(0.0, 1.0, 211): you need the third one. I change from 211 to 20.

    AI in Qualify session goes to the track for 1 hotlap then come back to the pits. If you not change the fuelrange they will refuel the car 211 litres. In this way they can't so they able to to make fast laps on their second try.

    Go to the Tire file *TBC : Delet all compound except you want to AI use for: EX: in F1 1989 i delete all compund except qualifying so all the cars run with qualifying tires

    After the Qualify Session write in an excel the result and quit the game.

    6. Race: Go to the HDV and rewrite the FuelRange back to the original one.

    Go to the Tire file *TBC, copy the original one. Then delete all the compound except what you need. EX: in F1 1989 i delete all except SOFT so all the cars run with SOFT tires in race.

    You can also assign different compound for different teams. EX: in F1 1989 there is Goodyear tires which includes Qualifying,SOFT,MEDIUM,HARD compounds. Make 4 copy from this files and delete all the compounds except one in all files and rename the file. For SOFT rename the the file GoodyearS and delete all except SOFT. for MEDIUM rename the file GoodyearM and delete all the compound except MEDIUM.

    Now you need to go to HDV files for different vehicle and change this line: TireBrand= and change what you want that car use for. EX: I change the HDV of Ferrari to TireBrand=GoodyearS so Ferrari use Soft compound, then i go to McLaren HDV and change to TireBrand=GoodyearM, so McLaren will use Medium copmound and so on.

    Go to the track GDB file and add starting grid line, you can also add the time what they complete in Qualify session. EX: f1 1989:

    Philip Grozdanov = 79.582
    Ayrton Senna = 79.826
    Alain Prost = 79.828
    Gerhard Berger = 80.195
    Riccardo Patrese = 80.625
    Alessandro Nannini = 80.843
    Nelson Piquet = 80.843
    Thierry Boutsen = 80.880
    Michele Alboreto = 81.206
    Stefan Johansson = 81.215
    Ivan Capelli = 81.291
    Mauricio Gugelmin = 81.414
    Jonathan Palmer = 81.572
    Satoru Nakajima = 81.575
    Alex Caffi = 81.641
    Johnny Herbert = 81.651
    Eddie Cheever = 81.758
    Martin Brundle = 81.779
    Andrea de Cesaris = 81.810
    Stefano Modena = 81.848
    Olivier Grouillard = 81.878
    Derek Warwick = 81.942
    Rene Arnoux = 82.054
    Philippe Streiff = 82.167
    Eric Bernard = 82.267
    Bertrand Gachot = 82.447


    (Philip Grozdanov is me) (be careful about the names, it must match with the VEH files)

    Go to the game->race weekends: in rule setting change Race grid position to Selected session

    Then untick every session(practice, Qualify, Warm up) so you will start immediately with race.

    7. Use this plugin https://www.rfactorcentral.com/detai...%20improvement : It's a program that helps to the AI to overtake more better without collision and give for the Lapped cars MASS penalty. So the backmarkers no problem anymore, AI will not waste lot of time behind backmarkers. (this plugin works only with 1.255 G versino, if you have another version PM me i have solution)

    After this setups you can setup the AI agression even to 40 or 50, they will not ram you or other AI.

    I was very satisfied with the result and i am very happy to able to play 100% race against the AI(even in Monaco!), they strong and very hard to beat them. Of course still lot of depend on a good track(good AIW line etc) but now much better than before. Wit Rfactor 2 will be better but only few Formula mods has the RFactor 2 at the moment so this is the best solution in my opinion.

    After all i have a question for you: is there somebody who can EDIT the plugin what i linked above? It will be so cool if somebody can make it Online compatible and change some things.
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  2. werst59


    Philip00, Thanks for this tutorial, I have rFactor version 1.255F not version 1.255G ... I would be very interested in knowing your solution that you mentioned in the above Quote.
  3. F_B


    I tried your tips with GSCE and especially the one from above changes my offline racing massively! The AI no longer is full of fear and you have to be very aggressive if you want to overtake them. Nice! Thx for that! :thumbsup:
  4. Philip00


    Yes of course i will PM you :)
  5. Philip00


    Glad that you like it, enjoy offline race mate:)) (bad that plugin not work to GSCE, maybe we need somebody who can make it so there will be no problem with backmarkeres anymore)
  6. Barney68


    Now this is a useful post and what I like to see! Using GSC myself but most of these tips should work as it is the same engine. Many thanks.
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  7. seamount


    Thank You ..Very interesting
  8. Rigel21


    Hello! Can I see this solution too?
  9. Tarmac Terrorist

    Tarmac Terrorist
    Paul McCaffrey

  10. apollo440


    can you PM me the solution for the AI improvements mod as well?
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