Tutorial/Explanation: Changing Rider Values

This is a reply to someone else, figured it would be helpful to some. I've been playing with it a lot, if anyone has any questions. Let me know.

You need Mixfile_ReMixer_v0_2_0 and MGPBMLEditor

You have extract the data.mix (Located if playing on Steam here C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\MotoGP™17) to a folder. I would suggest making a new folder on your desktop named MotoGP and making a copy of the "data.mix" extract and placing it there.

Open MixFile Remixer and under the "Extract Files" tab select browse by the top. Navigate to your copy of the "data.mix" file and click "open."
On the bottom, for the "Destination Directory" press browse and select the MotoGP folder on your desktop again. This is where it will put all the folders.
Then hit "Extract Files" and let it do it's thing. Make sure the "Extract all files in mixfile" is selected. Leave this application open.

Next open the MGPBMLEditor application, click "File" on the top left and then click "Open."

Then in then navigate to data> vehicles>AI and then open the "SKILLSCATALOG.BML"
And edit the attributes.

Once you are done editing the attributes, go back to the MixFile Remixer and choose the "Create new mix file" tab. For the root source directory, use browse and select the "DATA" folder that is in the MotoGP folder you made on the desktop. You use the Mixfile format "SBK-X/V8" and the new mixfile path you can put the new mixfile anywhere. Just make sure that you rename the data.mix file at the end, change it something such as data2.mix and do not overwrite the original.
Pack the new Mixfile and check the file location where you wanted to save it. Go back to the MotoGP install folder where you originally found the Mix file, rename the original to "dataOrig.Mix" or something, paste in your modified one, and rename it to data.mix

The game should load and you'll be good to go.

Here's my reddit post about what the values mean. I've been playing with it for a week or so now, it is interesting.
Basically, Raceperformance determines their lap times per race when you are racing.
The highest value is 1, having it higher does not do anything, lower reduces race lap times.
Error Probability is how likely they are to crash.
Aggression is how likely they are make tough passes or dive up the middle. I like it set to 5, which is high but it makes racing fun.
Braking is always 1. I havent' played with it.
Time Generation is how fast the rider can go if you simulate time or skip qualifying.
Race Time generation is how fast the rider can go if you simulate a race, for example if you retire from a race in the middle of it. 1 being the fastest speed and the number the slower they'll be. I put Tito Rabat to .97 to test and retired from a race. His fastest lap was 20 seconds faster than the rest and he was able to win.
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