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TURBO BRICK (Group 4) Jägermeister

Skins TURBO BRICK (Group 4) Jägermeister 1.0

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hoover2701 submitted a new resource:

TURBO BRICK (Group 4) Jägermeister - Fantasy Jägermeister livery for the Volvo 240 Turbo

In the past days I have come to the conclusion that my favourite car in Group 4 has to be the turbo brick.
View attachment 473956
So how can I show my love for it? Simple: Create a Jägermeister-livery for it!
View attachment 473957
This one is pure fantasy (I even made up some swedish driver names). I hope that doesn't keep you from trying out this livery!
View attachment 473958
Have fun, drive safe and keep them liveries coming!

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