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    Hello there, last days i created Z-tune of Nissan R34 GTR... since that day my AC is occupied mostly by that car, i was able to trim my lap time from 8:40 on Nissan R34 GTR Vspec (by Kunos) to 8:15 in Z-tune created by me at Nordschleife which is pretty amazing if you look for my driving skills ( AI its constantly driving around 8:00 when its set at1 00% of skill )
    things like handling, brakes, tyres are now fixed however i still can't get a "perfect setup"
    i tried so many times...

    as for now my alignment looks like
    Cambers: -1.0
    Toe: - 20
    Cambers: 0.0
    Toe: 0.0
    Rear Wing is set to 20

    Its confusing for me how Kunos made tutorials in Setups

    Positive Toe means wheels from above looks like
    /\ right ? and negative \/

    both sides are set to same values however car setup shows that right side of the car (driver side) its somehow more tuned ... someone can explain me how it works ? does the driver has enough weight to change camber of the car ? 1.png

    Second thing is that If You guys could share Your setups of that car

    anyway thanks for everything.
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    The sliders you change are just numbers, the actual live values are shown on the "car status screen" on the right. The irregularities you see are due to uneven ground on the pit lane. Use ACTI or alternatives to see live values when driving, as those are the only ones that matter.

    Good luck.