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GTR2 Tuning Competitive AI: Config/Params that affect AI Race times vs Qual/Prac?


I've been experimenting in a project where my end-goal is to facilitate easy calculation of AI difficulty level(*) based on player's Practice time vs AI's practice time: Simply plugin your practice time, the AI's practice time, and my formula will provide you an AI level that will give you competitive opponents around your lap times.

I've cross-posted this on a few forums in the hopes of getting some more eyeballs on this.

You can see my latest work in this post/thread over here:


Currently, I can calculate a representative Qualifying AI difficulty level so that once you've put in a practice then AI in your qualifying session will have lap times around your lap time automatically (no guessing around with the usual 80-120 difficulty levels).

The problem I have is that the AI in Race sessions have much slower lap times. Additionally, some Race sessions they could be 2sec+ faster than another Race session, using all the same configuration and parameters.

What parameters affect AI Race lap times vs AI Qual/Prac lap times?

I do know about the AIW QualRatio and RaceRatio and I have those set at 1.0 to keep things as simple as possible: My idea was to get them to drive the same in Practice, Qualifying, and Race so that the calculation would be easy for now (and I could deal with QualRatio later on to make them a smidge faster in Qual just like they are in real life).

I know about Player Car Equal in the UserData PLR which keeps AI closer together in terms of lap times and which I feel makes for tighter racing (I have it enabled).

I'm aware RCD AI files can affect AI performance per-driver but I'm testing using the "2016 Ginetta GT4 Supercup by jsmee & Silversun" mod at VLM Sebring 12h where they all use Default.RCD so they should all be racing the same.

Is there some other param in some other file I'm missing?

*The trick is the AI Difficulty Level is not using the 80-120 slider (I always have it set at 120). In my system, you change AI Brake Power/Grip Usage and AI Corner Grip Usage to control how fast the AI lap times are. These parameters provide 1/1000th of a percentage precision and can be better dialed in than the rough 80-120 difficulty slider.

Sounds very interesting. Hope you can get it fine tuned and release something we can use. In the 1985 F1 mod for instance my best practice times at Monza would have placed me second on the historical grid for that race, yet the AI were lapping anywhere from 2 to 3 seconds a lap faster than me! It does get frustrating for a offline racer to encounter this over and over in various mods....