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I have Saitek cyborg 3d gold and trying hard to get it to work here. Any ideas? I tried downloading the emulator package for steering wheels but having trouble cuz i dont have winzip and i cant figure out how to extract it... aarrgggg
Sure hope someone can help me out. Being a bike rider I think the joystick would give this a real motorbike feel.
Great game seems so far but unplayable on keyboard :(
Try 7zip. It's free and should work to extract the files. I did get my joystick to work with x360ce. I used the slider on the side of the joystick for throttle and brake, and I used the joystick up and down for leaning. I found it difficult, so I tried using my pedals and my joystick. It was a lot easier to control. I used the gas and brake pedals for.... gas and brake, and used the slider on the joystick for leaning. It was very playable, except for the deadzone (which can be removed with 6% antideadzone setting in x360ce).
Wow m8 thx!!!!!!! Ya I got joystick working just restarting computer a couple of times and fiddling around w calibration and settings etc. seems like it does it on its own but needs some encouragement haha. No need to download anything. Saitek doesn’t offer any more downloads past 2k FYI so don’t bother. Still very hard to control but better than keyboard aarrgg. Looking fwd to trying yur suggestions!! Thx again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've been playing Bike titles since 1899 and using the x box controller has been a god send but always used right stick for L/R still trying a way to swap it without it messing with my other titles. I know the dual shock has a cool looking binding program. Can anyone help me find a top notch one for x box or any other work-arounds? Thanks for sharing the settings!!
Just recently picked up this title. I have almost exclusively lived in the world of car racing sims. Bikes are quite a bit different for me, finding it hard to steer/lean with my PS4 controller stick. A great looking game, such a shame that I spend so much time face down staring at the ground. :O_o:
To me this game is stupidly frustrating. At times the bikes seem to react entirely unpredictably, often doing different things when given the exact same inputs at the exact same locations. The AI speed also seems to be all over the place, sometimes totally incompetent, sometimes literally unbeatable despite the difficulty.

For reference, I play Moto GP 17 and Ride 3 (in other words, better games) on high difficulties, with minimal assists and have no problems. I also play car racing sims with minimal to no assists, so throttle/brake control isn't my problem.

Can anyone help? Any tips would be greatly appreciated.
Have a read through the various posts in the following threads (among others in this forum):
I presume you're already using analog steering, throtle and brake - it is a must with this game/sim.
(also, Xbox360 and XboxOne gamepads -analog thumbsticks and triggers- are best choice here, IMHO)
It's not like there's something "magical" to find, but you'll be better by experimenting with different settings of (low %) sensibility and assistances - you may end up with a very pleasing compromise.
Avoid using assistances wherever possible (obviously use them if necessary, but do it very moderately), as they take away a lot of the feeling and perception you're able to get (to a certain extent), and can introduce other issues, such as numb feeling and odd (if unpredictable) behaviour.
I'd also strongly suggest to become accustomated to the SuperSport (600cc class) bikes, and avoid the Superbikes (~1000cc class). The former are, IMHO, a far better representation in regards to a simulation.
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ASSISTS: low, to get enought grip in to a crazier best lap, once u know enought the hole Circuit. Snaefell, Isle of Man.
VIEW: like in 3rd person
CLASS: Supersport 600cc
BIKE: Dan Hegarty ( rest in peace ) Honda 600cc
TIME: 15'33"978
CRASHES: 1 Screenshot_20190206-152942_Photos.jpg
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Excellent stuff guys. Great to see the improvements people have been making. I've not been on this game for some time now and thought I would check in here and see what was going on. Although not much action here for the past 8 months I definitely need to get back to it and try to get back in some sort of tune with this awesome challenge :thumbsup:. I'll post back here when I do just in case anyone is still keeping an eye on this forum.
Had my first lap this morning in I don't know how long. Forgot how much fun it is.. about a dozen offs and 24 minutes later I crossed the line lol. Hope to get in some more over the next few days and get that time back down to where it was... Started off thinking just nice and steady, just make sure to keep it on the grey stuff and learn the track and gears again. First straight and I'm burning rubber going full speed.. it's just draws you in and spits you out lol.

Such an addictive and challenging game

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KT Games have confirmed TT Isle of Man: The Game will release on Nintendo Switch this May.

Benefitting from an increasing number of racing game related content in recent months, the latest title to come to Nintendo Switch has been confirmed - TT Isle of Man: The Game. Initially launching for PC and the big hitting consoles from Sony and Microsoft back in March last year, it now appears that the ambitious official racing game of the legendary Isle of Man TT will be heading over to the Nintendo Switch this May 23rd.

Set to include the legendary Snaefell Mountain course, the game also features and additional nine racing locations as well as a selection of bikes and riders that have competed at various times in the long-standing road racing event. Much like its older PC and console cousin, the Switch version of the title will contain all the goodies from the original game, including the post release sidecar DLC and any future additional content that may, or may not, be released in future.

TT Isle of Man: Ride on the Edge is available for PC, Xbox One and PS4 now, with Nintendo Switch to follow May 23rd 2019.

To check out more news and discussion around this title, check out the TT Isle of Man The Game sub forum here at RaceDepartment!

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I would have never have expected that, of all racing games, the TT game comes to Switch. I do wonder how well it would sell, but I have to agree with ZeroRisk. The more exposure the better, both for racing games and for motorsport in general.
Switch keep adding more and more great titles to their library, I feel like I'm missing out a little at this point by not owning one.

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This can only be a good thing for racing games and the future of sim racing. Get these titles in as many households as possible. It's all feeder series stuff for the main drug that is sim racing. Be it on console or PC :thumbsup:

Absolutely! Very easy to be dismissive of these types of games, but how many of us are here because of Forza or Gran Turismo or some other "simcade" title sucking us down the rabbit hole?

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That's definitely true for me. At the arcades it was Outrun, Super Hang On, Sega Rally, Daytona and F355. Consoles was Mario Kart, F1 and Colin McRae with all the arcade racers on Saturn and Dreamcast, followed by PGR, GT and Forza on PS and Xbox.
It was only after all these that I needed more. I wanted more realism. And then I found out about GTR and Race etc. Never looked back and have sold all my old console stuff to fund the upgrade for PC Sim racing gear.
Kinda like an addict selling his possessions for just one more hit! :confused:;)