TT Isle of Man - Ride On The Edge 2 | Now Available

Peter Hooper

Dec 9, 2010
Does anyone here play this on Xbox? Just wondering if the steering wheel now works on that. Never used to with TTIOM1 so hoping that had changed. Cheers.


Jul 9, 2020
It is possible to edit skins for this game! It was a painful process but possible nonetheless. First extract the skin to dds using Noesis, then edit the dds (must use BCS- Linear,DXT5), then I transferred the dds back into the original PTX file using a hex editor. Someone with more understanding could most likely automate the conversion process and really speed this up.
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I have also had a look at the physics and made a few changes to understand how to improve it. If I get something good I will share it.
Have you done any skins you could share? The only way for me to understand the process I think would be by watching someone do it in a tutorial.