TT Isle of Man 2 | Official Announcement Trailer Revealed

Fans of TT road racing rejoice - a new and improved Isle of Man TT game is coming soon - and here's the trailer to prove it!

Yes, BigBen and Kylotonn Games have been developing a sequel to the loved by some and hated by others 'TT: Ride on the Edge' videogame these past months, and with release expected in 2020, the developers have recently dropped a new trailer showing off some of the details that have been improved for the upcoming title.

One of the most frequent criticisms from the last game has to be the somewhat simplified and occasionally confusing physics of the bikes - something that Kylotonn have acknowledged and addressed as part of the new title, with several improvements to both how the bikes handle, and some additional realism features thrown in for good measure - check out the trailer below:

'The bike physics have been rebuilt from the ground up to create ultra-realistic behaviour. The gyroscopic effect is now completely integrated for more precise steering, and speed wobbles have been added to alert riders that a fall could be imminent. The brakes and shock absorbers have also been redesigned. They now respond to all bumps in the road and create a riding experience that is much more faithful to what a real motorcyclist feels' said a statement from the developers upon release of the new trailer.​

No exact release date has been issued for the game yet, however the title is expected to release on both console and PC during 2020.

TT Isle of Man 2 will be available on Xbox One, PS4 and PC in 2020.

Want to know more about the game, or ask the community for their expertise with the previous edition? Start a thread on the TT Isle of Man 2 sub forum here at RD!

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I wonder whether there will ever be a game with all of the essential motorcyle street racing circuits (IOM TT circuit, North West 200, Ulster, Macau, Schleiz and Pikes Peak).

Damage Inc

Well they nailed the graphics and realism in the 1st game, if they manage to improve the physics and bike handling/realism as much as they say then this will be awesome, I'm already excited by the "Ride" style on board view...SO much better.

I'm excited and cautiously optimistic.
Welcome to the oversaturation of the simcade racing market. You will start to see Nascar Heat 8, and more and more releases of small games that we just see released with small improvements.
Just like FIFA games, they change something big only in new gen consoles, the rest could easily be pushed by updates, but they can milk their audience with yearly launches
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We really need this game to use AT LEAST, Ride 3 physics and bike movement/handling... the IOMTT 1 game was pretty in terms of graphics, but the physics and handling... oh my god it was so fcking ugly and extemelly arcade.


I'll need to be able to play this sequel myself before I'd even consider it. The first game was good in terms of giving us the TT track but as many others have said the physics and bike handling were, being kind, frustrating.

I don't know the technical term but at several points, the TT track and other longer tracks were somehow stitched together leaving a visible and physical bump in the road that the bike would react to. This was never addressed.

A great TT game would be something special, not quite there yet.


I wonder whether there will ever be a game with all of the essential motorcyle street racing circuits (IOM TT circuit, North West 200, Ulster, Macau, Schleiz and Pikes Peak).
there already was a game like that. its called "TT Superbikes Real Road Racing Championship" made by Jester Interactive for the PlayStation 2 back in 2008.

the game featured a impressive version of the full IOM TT circuit aswell as Macau, the North West 200 and the Ulster GP.

it never got the attention it deserved.
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I truly hope this is a big improvement as the harsh reviews by many of the first made me stay away I'm afraid so far. I really want to experience that track and if the reviews are good I'll give it a go.
But honestly there is only so much immersion with a gamepad.

My dad used to say "never buy the first version of anything especially cars". Maybe that can be applied to racing sims/games.

So now that TT V2 is coming what about Dakar 2?


The first TTIOM was very flawed, but yet not landed too far from the target.

This new game deserves a moderated hype.
Unless its the same thing again. Sounds good in trailers and is hyped but when it lands it has its usual problems again. I dont get hyped anymore. Too old for that. Hype is a marketing technique and nothing else. Usually its dissapointing when we see the real product. Its also why i never pre-order anymore. I always hope however that they prove me wrong.
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