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Featured TT Isle of Man 2 Confirmed For 2020 Release

Discussion in 'TT Isle of Man - The Game 2' started by Paul Jeffrey, Jun 11, 2019.

  1. Tom Blackett

    Tom Blackett

    On my phone.... Not intentional ;)
  2. Ruy Horta

    Ruy Horta

    Although as a motocyclist you are of course more qualified to judge the experience.
    But me as a casual player was not handicapped by such knowledge.

    To me the experience of racing the TT of Man was adequately modelled with a controller.
    If you take the limitations of a controller as a starting point, you are left with road handling in all its subtleties. You describe that handling as garbage - maybe that’s the expert speaking - but within the context of all the casual bike racers over the last decade is that really a fair appraisal?

    IMO it is not.
    Is there room for improvement, yes.
    But I am curious what your benchmark would be, if you can name one or two other casual bike games on the market.

    So lets hope that TT2 will be as much fun for you as TT already was for me.

    Do you mean the actual leaning or the looking into the turn?
  3. Ross McGregor

    Ross McGregor

    TT Superbikes by Jester Interactive on the PS2 is still my favourite way to lap the Isle of Man:

    Can be played and upscaled on a PS2 emulator!!
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  4. Mickdrs


    If only they got the bike physics right, that was a real let down, I get the impression the front wheel is driving the bike, (no high siders)we need extra real world road racing tracks, like any of these. Billown Circuit, Oliver's Mount, Cookstown, Tandragee, NW200, Armoy, Ulster GP(the fastest), Kells, Walderstown, Skerries, it would be great to have all these with licensing approval
  5. Smiggir


    Try one of the road races in Ride 3, you can play a lot more enjoyable experience! Of course, we are riding a virtual motorbike with a controller, but IOMtt IMHO it's the worst on replicating the feeling to ride a bike.
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  6. Ruy Horta

    Ruy Horta

    I really enjoy Ride 3, my main reason for asking was to get some comparison.
    ...and I’ll admit I am less critical here than other types of simulations.
  7. Andy_J

    I hate VR. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Premium

    I still play this one and the Legends version on my PS3. Great stuff.:thumbsup:
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  8. MattEman


    VR please.:cool:
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  9. Dave Thayer

    Dave Thayer

    I do have a version of TT Isle of Man for AC on my PC which looks pretty good scenic wise and has night lighting added. Whether it is Realistic to the Real track I would have no idea. But It is fun to drive for me with various car types. Not really into Biking but do have some of the games. I never got the original TT Isle of Man game, didnt see myself spending much time with it.
  10. Smokin' Joe

    Smokin' Joe

    I got the John McGuinness signed copy of this through an MCN competition way back in the day & it still holds up now all these years later, KT have no business making motorcycle games if they're not gonna try!
    I said this at the time & I'll say it again, if you can't at least match the current gold standard for bike games (the Ride series) then don't waste your time & gamers money but they sucked big time & I'm not sure I can trust them to do a better job this time as they couldn't even be bothered to fix the first game, they just took the money & ran but having said that the actual track & graphics are the best of any bike game I've played.......
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  11. girlracerTracey


    I agree that TT IOM needs fine tuning and adjusting in its physics modelling. That's a given. But imho TT IOM simulates the onboard experience of hurtling round the TT IOM course at full chat really rather well. But only from cockpit cam. Chase cam by contrast for me feels awful and ridiculous.. For me TT IOM is a 1st person view racing game. Then it makes sense. It makes even more sense for me with a steering wheel. I don't think it's very well set-up for a gamepad. Too "flighty" and way too sensitive for a gamepad, particularly bearing in mind the lift-off oversteer on the rear end.

    RIDE on a road circuit? Far too "arcadey" for my tastes.

    Maybe that's just me? I certainly seem to be in a minority in this respect I think.

    If I switch to RIDE 2 on the "Real Challenge Physics mod" then immediately I am much happier on a road circuit on a Milestone RIDE game I have to say.. It then does feel much better for me.

    So TT IOM 2? If they can improve the physics without it losing its edgy feel then I will definitely be buying it and enjoying it. It has the potential to be really good if they work hard(er) on the physics.

    So far I have sampled the TT IOM course (in different lengths and versions of the course) on GP500 (Melbourne House - based on Jim Pearson's "mini" T.T. course), GpBikes (a version of Jim Pearson's "mini" TT IOM course again), Jester's TT Superbikes on PS2 (of course) and Kylotonn's TT IOM game.

    So far the experience on GP500 by Melbourne House (course "add-on" courtesy of independent modders) and TT IOM by Kylotonn are keeping me the happiest. The sensation of sheer speed and a feeling of riding at high velocity so close to the edge is present in both of these..and it's a great feeling. Kylotonn just need to address the known issues in the physics.. Get a little bit more realism into the physics model.
    Last edited: Jun 15, 2019 at 17:41
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  12. Damage Inc

    Damage Inc

    Tracey, yeah Rides problem is the physics are too forgiving (tweaks and mods can sort that out as you say) but at it's core the bikes actually act like bikes, TTIOM physics were bunk out of the box sadly and spoiled the game considerably. At no point do I ever feel like it's a bike I'm controlling. There's a lot more to a bike sim than just making it "lean". If Kyloton can sort out the handling I'll be happy as Larry.
  13. acidburn82uk

    That's nice!

    I just started playing MotoGP 19. Best handling bike game since Tourist Trophy (also by Milestone). Actually feels like a bike (I'm a real world biker). They're using the Unreal Engine. If the new TT game could give me the course from the original IomTT game with the handling physics of MotogGP 19 - I'd glady hand over my money.
  14. sparkyplug28


    spot on sir could not agree more
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