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TSF 2nd QTR 2009 Expectations/updates

Mar 15, 2008
Well, after the success of Texas and Kentucky releases, we are back at it again with more tracks, client updates, physic enhancements and more .... Smile

This quarter we are expecting to release several tracks, some actually planned a few months back but held back on varying reasons, others new to the scene. The tracks that should make it to the client would be Charlotte, Berlin, New Jersey Motorsports Park & San Jose. Pretty crazy variety, but should hopefully balance the desires of all... Smile

We have also begun early development of front end changes in physics to derive the final segment of the geometry which was identified early on, but required in depth code change to achieve. As we get closer to implementation we will explain the necessary setup effect it will have and how to adjust for it.

Login system is also on the agenda now working with Pragmatic and ISI to integrate the new validations and system calls required. We will soon be canvassing and/or requiring purchaser/users to validate specific information relating to their accounts in preparation for this really cool change. I can't explicitly say how all of this will work, but it should help bring the highly requested accountability and user identifications into use.

With this we are also working to bring the SimStatsLive and Matchmaking components all into the central utility (Leverage client) easing the experience for new users and centralizing the core systems into a single software unit. You will be able to launch your game, view your stats, join races, check rank and more!

Watch your news section of the client as we get these things into motion for you and as always your support is greatly appreciated!


B. Zimmerman

Gareth Hickling

Feb 17, 2008
Berlin looks like fun. No outside wall around the back is going to make some very very interesting off track action!


Charlotte is one of the all time greats aswell.