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  1. krunch


    Troyton Raceway v1.0
    By Neil 'Krunch' Faichney
    May 2010
    A scratch built fantasy track for rFactor.

    75% produced in BTB. Thanks Piddy for a fantastic program!

    Race Department Download
    rFactor Central page

    Track Features
    * Multiple layouts:
    - GP circuit which is 5.2km long and includes a banked 180 degree turn
    - Club circuit which is 4.2km long replacing the banked turn with a triple chicane
    - Skid Pan - great for testing (races with AI result in a smash up derby!)
    * Entire track follows the outline of the Troyton Racing logo
    * Realistic driving surface with small bumps, crowning and camber
    * High detail scenery to create unique atmosphere - feel free to explore
    * High detail garages to add to the racing atmosphere
    * Dynamic pitbox graphics for MODS that support it (eg V8Factor)
    * Various parts of the track inspired by a number of real world tracks
    * Crowd and announcer sounds in race sessions
    * Basic night support with simple lighting
    * a few 'Easter Eggs' to find for those with a curious mind

    Intended Future Updates
    * Stunt Pan layout with jumps, ramps, slaloms etc.
    * Full night support with extensive lighting around whole track


    All models, meshes, textures, graphics, artwork, & documentation were created by Neil Faichney except for the items indicated below.

    Some models and textures reworked from originals by

    Some models and textures used or reworked from originals found in the following BTB Xpacks:
    - Default by Brendon Pywell (built-in to BTB)
    - Rural Australia by Eric Tozer (ennisfargis) (built-in to BTB)
    - Great Britain (RBR) by jay_p_666

    All trademarks, names and logos appearing in this track remain the copyright of their respective owners.

    Special thanks to:
    * Rod Monk of Troyton Racing Simulators - for developing the Troyton Racing Simulator & suggesting this track idea
    * Ben Eggleston of EMS - for testing and feedback
    * The guys at Team ORSM - for lending testing time, advice and suggestions
    * Stu Griffiths - for his modelling mentorship over the years
    * Brendon Pywell (Piddy) - for the fantastic Bob's Track Builder tool
    * My wife - for her longstanding tolerance and patience during this project
    * My kids - for their giggles and their imaginative determination to explore every new polygon of this track :)

    I hope you enjoy this track!


    For full terms and conditions please view the licence details in the installer. They can also be found in the readme file.

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  2. Greg Wyatt

    Greg Wyatt

    I said it over at rFactor Central, will say it here..

    Very nice work Krunch, love the idea with the small boats and the moving water.. Feel free to update my Canberra 400 graphics with the work you have done anytime :) , that's some great work.. Well Done..
  3. Ivo Simons

    Ivo Simons

    Wow what a beauty of a work. :)
    Great track with some nice textures on and off the track.
    See a little Bathurst and Monaco, and Surfers in it. Great job. Gonna try to get this in the Race Club. :)
  4. mianiak


    Well done! I found the tunnel when I crashed from looking at the scenery instead of the road. :D
  5. Bram Hengeveld

    Bram Hengeveld
    RaceDepartment Founder Staff Premium

  6. Ryan Callan

    Ryan Callan

    Brillaint stuff Krunhc. For those who want to test it out with some mates - 9th June is your date :)
  7. krunch


    Just wondering if any explorers have found any more Easter eggs (secrets) in my track? Bram found the jumping kangaroo in the skidpan (tick) and I posted a of one of the secret camera's which does a lighthouse flyby, but there are a few other secrets. There's another secret camera activation and there's a completely hidden drivable area too (for the high flyers), not to mention some girls in a spa :).

    Post discretely if you find anything ;).
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