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Trouble recording video of AC, help appreciated


Jun 16, 2009
Hi guys,

I'm having some serious trouble getting video recording to work with AC. I've tried Shadowplay and it ends up recording nothing (no file, nothing) and I've tried OBS (open broadcaster software) where I've got it to record about 1/4 of a windowed AC instance but not successfully the whole window. It's very weird.

I'm trying to get recording to work because I'm having a nasty bug where when downshifting with some of the flappy paddle shifter cars I immediately spin due to the fronts locking up. This happens almost completely regardless of speed and RPM and I can 100% reproduce it. It's also worth noting that I drive the same BMW Z4 E89 at least a couple of times a year so I can tell from experience that the real car does not behave at all like it does in game (which is why I'm 100% certain it must be a bug).

Anyhow, here are the specs of my problematic laptop:

It is a PC Specialist built Vortex III laptop, which basically means it's a Clevo P170EM.

It has an intel i7 3630QM CPU and a Nvidia GTX 675MX GPU. The gpu is probably the reason for all the trouble.. it is Optimus Enabled which means that it switches to the intel on-board GPU when you are on the desktop and I can't disable it because the bios is locked by the guys who built this laptop (could of course risk flashing it with Clevo/Sager bios but I'm not ready to go that far yet).

Any ideas guys?


Jun 16, 2009
So nobody else ran into problems video recording / screen capturing in AC? Anybody here doing it successfully with a Nvidia mobile GPU?


Mar 31, 2015
There's this weird decision Kunos went with:
They seperate the menues and the racing completely.
Whenever your racing session starts or ends the DirectX stream ends and a new one starts.
Maybe that's technically not correct, but when i record while bein in the menues and then start the race the recording stops and i have to start recording again.

I don't know about shadowplay, but could imagine that this is breaking it.
Regarding OBS that could also be a setup error, can't judge that.

I record with DxTory and don't have any issues recording AC gameplay


Jun 16, 2009
Will try DxTory.. I know the processes are separated but that shouldn't be a problem at all. I've pointed the OBS recording to the acs.exe process (which is the simulator part). There are other games that do this as well and there's no problems recording them.

I'm starting to suspect it truly is an opteron enabled mobile GPU problem combined with the way AC initializes directX.

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