Triple screen + VR?

Danny O'Neill

Jan 25, 2018
Quick question for the people who run triples and a VR headset, how do you run them together physically I mean, I have an RTX 2080 card but it only has three display ports on the back and an HDMI port and what looks like a mini HDMI port so how do you keep the headset and the monitors plugged in at the same time?
the only way I can see is that I would have to unplug one of the monitors to plug in my rift S.


Jul 17, 2018
I had the same issue for a long time...

I have a 2080ti Founders Edition :

In my case the set up is :

3 x monitors plugged into DisplayPort sockets.
1 x monitor plugged into Motherboard HDMI

I have an Index VR headset, this needs Displayport also..of course all used up with the triple monitors.
Valve had said they were going to launch a Virtuallink adaptor to utilise the USB-C port on the GPU....but then dropped the project.

For the longest time, I've been disconnecting one of the triple monitors when I wanted to use VR...which is a royal PITA as it screws the surround set-up etc.

I found that one of these cheap dongles works absolutely perfectly, so now I keep everything connected all the time, no need to change plugs, no need to re-set up Nvidia Surround all the time...I'm really chuffed and use VR a lot more now :

Worth trying!!
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May 11, 2014
You can probably share one display port between monitor and HMD using DP port switch.
Something similar to this.