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Triple monitors: Would 2 x 1680x1050 side screens work ok with a 1920x1080 main?

Hi all,

My main screen is a 27" widescreen with an actual vertical screen height of 13.6", I'm after 2 more monitors with the same screen height, but I can't afford 2 more 27" widescreens just now so I figured 2 (4:3) ratio 22" in screens have the same vertical screen height, according to the cool screen size calculator here: http://screen-size.info/

But all I can find at the moment are two (16:10) ratio screens that do 1680x1050, not quite the 1080 HD res my main one does.

Are there any obvious issues with this setup? Can AC run the 2 side screens at a different resolution ok?

Thanks for any assistance.
I don't know for sure the answer to your question but I'm pretty sure you can't do that.

This forum here is a great one for triple screen issues. I used it a long time ago and it was a useful source.
You can run non uniform displays but there are some issues as it's not really supported.

Main limitation is that all 3 screens need to render at the same resolution - due to the angle division and bezel compensation being fixed to 1/3 and 2/3 of the total game width.

Height wise it shouldn't be a problem, im using a 1280x1024 left side screen to 1920x1080 main, with the same physical height and the misalignment is not noticeable (i guess it could be if you'd have very small bezels and focus on aesthetics while driving).

Bigger issues start to pop up with width, as part of the game ends up outside of the screen. On the left side only server welcoming message is cut a bit, but on the right you won't be able to easily reach for app bar. This is solvable to some extent, but weather it's worth the hassle is up to you. So definitely try this setup out before buying.

If you are interested in going through it i can write more details on issues and how i got around them.
For me triples were worth it but i'm a telemetry freak. If you are in for immersion or rig building then it's best to stick to 3x same size screens.