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Triple Monitor Stand Lesson Learned

I have 3 Dell 32" S3220DGF Curved monitors. Several months ago I purchased the Next Level Racing triple monitor stand. While installing the displays, it did not long to learn the displays were not going to fit without significant modifications. I think the Next Level Racing triple monitor stand is generally made for displays larger than 32". After several iterations and modifications on the NLR stand, I decided to order a Sim-Lab stand. Wow, what a difference. To begin with, it is so easy to set-up, you only need a simple diagram you can download from Sim-lab. Based on my first hand experience, these are the pros for the Sim-lab vs the NLR:

  • Infinite adjustability vs discreet adjustment on the NLR
  • Only 2 uprights vs 4 on NLR
  • No mod required for mounting 32" monitors compared to mods required on the NLR
  • Appearance - Subjectively the aluminum looks cooler than the black painted steel
  • Mounting plates on the Sim-lab unit provide a much easier and clearing mount compared to the 2 struts needed on the NLR
Another note about the Sim-lab stand. I surprised how fast I received it in the USA. I ordered the unit about 4 weeks ago and I received it in less than 2 weeks. I thought that was great.

After I ordered the Sim-lab stand, I make several additional modifications to the NLR stand. Wouldn't you know the day the Sim-lab stand shipped was the same day I finally got the NLR stand adjusted to the extent I was happy with it. In the end, I am still happier with the Sim-lab stand. If there is anyone in the Detroit area that wants a free NLR triple stand, I will give it to you.

NLR Stand

Sim-Lab Stand


Thats one of the reasons i built my rig and monitorstand from aluminium profil.
If it doesn´t fit or is not stable enough it´s your fault and easy to fix.;)

( Ok, another reason was that the second hand profile was gifted to me by a friend who also let me use his workshop and machines.)

But with good planing you can order precut profiles and diy the rest.

And on a side note i think the sim lab monitor stand is the better design, it´s less obstrusiv and looks better.

MFG Carsten