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Triple monitor setup advice/questions

Thinking of buying a triple screen setup. But now looking for monitors and which to choose. There are so many options to get in count.
  • 27 inch or 32 inch?
  • Curved or non curved?
  • 1080P or 1440?
  • 144hz?
It will be mounted on the sim-lab triple mount (also need to buy that one)
With this i can get the screen close and just above/in front of the wheel base.
So i guess 27" monitor would be a nice format.

But there is also the resolution question. Also with the future in my mind regarding PC upgrades (currently not in the planning because its a lot of money :p ) Should i go for 1080p or 1440p.........
For example: If i got the 1440p 144hz version but the gpu can't put out the 144hz on 1440p but only 100fps etc will that be waste of money and would 1080p be better for the monitor? Or is it fine to get lower but keep the 1440p just in case of possible future updates?

Currently i am using my 21:9 tv for all my gaming on 2560x1080 resolution.
But no idea if the current GPU will do the 1440p fine with high settings (for lower settings/graphics i can switch to my VR).

Some options i found which looks nice:
  • AOC C27G1 (1080p 27")
  • AOC CQ32G1 (1440p 32")
Current played games:
  • rFactor 2
  • Assetto Corsa Competizione
Current pc specs:

Other tips and experiences are more than welcome cause it's pretty difficult to choose without ever seen/experienced a triple monitor setup. :)