Tricky camera scenario ideas appreciated

Discussion in 'rFactor 2' started by Kevin Knorpp, May 1, 2016.

  1. Kevin Knorpp

    Kevin Knorpp

    The Celica GTO has me tinkering with rF2 again since I fell in love with it (again) as I was comparing it with Race Room's Nissan GTO.

    So I'm looking for a solution for a bonnet cam + Real Head Motion for this vehicle.

    In the past, I would simply use free cam to move camera forward in cockpit view but for whatever reason in free cam mode now (and even after three fresh installs) I can only move camera in a single direction on each axis. Any ideas on that are welcome as well.

    So, with other cars, my solution was to set the eyepoint for the vehicle which works well.

    But the Celica's files are encrypted so looking for ideas.

    Edit - Sorry saved post accidentally again (too easy to do on iPad)...

    Anyway, so I then checked out the 87 Celica but it's very different from the 86.

    So now I'm out of ideas. Can anyone think of anything to try?

    Only other thing I can think of is to ask Juergen to mod the original for me or better yet replace the 87 with 86 physics.
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