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Tracks Transfagarasan Asphalt Hill Climb .57

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Shannon Flynn

When in doubt, pass out.
New Mexico, US
Shannon Flynn submitted a new resource:

Transfagarasan Asphalt Hill Climb - Update of Galaga's conversion with working timing

Galaga has granted me permission to release a version of Transfagarasan I've been working on which includes timing in practice mode and a little bit of shadow work.

The goal of this update is to implement timing.
Any issues which existed in the original conversion will most likely still exist. This new version looks and runs fine on my machine with most of the graphics settings at high.

If people are still experiencing striped trees or whatever the issue was, let me know and I'll look into...

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Hi guys, I've a problem.
I've downloaded the mod, extracted it with winRAR and put it in the packages folder.
Once in the game I manually installed it in the Packages section but then in the track list appears the name but not the track
Screenshot (83).png

Does anyone know the problem?