Tram lines - SObject anyone?

I need an Sobject that looks like tram lines you would get in London, UK.

They are about as far apart as train tracks (I would say about a metre and a half) and they cut into the road (say about 10cm deep). If anyone here lives in London, perhaps they could get more accurate dimensions.

For example: Look at the photo.

I need this in one week tops as I need to get it into the track before the trial expires (I installed it on another machine...)

I also have a problem with the underpass area on my project. The track goes under the pitlane, but if I look up while in the underpass, I see nothing! I see the walls on the road above, but I don't see the road itself. Obviously, I can drive on that road and it appears. But I can't see it when I'm in the underpass. Look at the two rFactor pics. The first is in the underpass, the second on top.
This is a real problem as I want to make that area dark as in the second photo.

Thanks in advance.


R Soul

I don't think an SObject will work here because the tramlines are placed in cuts in the road. What I suggest is making a track, which follows the tramlines, with either of the following cross-sections:
(click to enlarge)

The top image is more accurate, but you can get away with the second one which is simpler.

Lee Knight

Gday Kyle,
If your tram lines are the same distance appart (gauge) as train lines, the messurement will be 4foot 8and a half inches (4'8 1/2").
Sorry, thats about as much help as I can be,best of luck.
what the hell is that? :confused:
Also referred to as a normal map. The Purpley-Blue textures used to detail surfaces where the polygon count cost to modeling them would be too high.

While the coding parts of these links are above and beyond what you need to know, it is good reading.

Nvidia has a normal map plugin for Photoshop. Gimp probably has something too.
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