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Traction during Event Sessions


Klyde Parker

Howdy folks,

I have always been told that as the sessions progress (Pract1, Pract2, Quali)... worn tire rubber will build up on the track and give you better and better traction.

SO... my question is: Does this apply to Warm-up as well? Or because races are usually held the following day, the rubber build-up on track is gone?

Wietse Visser

Jan 8, 2007
i noticed a different grip level between practice and quali

but i have to say i didnt looked in to it during warmup and race.. but probably

João Andias

Sep 14, 2008
I can’t find the post, but I’m pretty sure someone posted here (not a long time ago) the grip differences between practice, qualifying and race (rain and heavy rain too). It was information directly from the track files.

From memory, I think there was about 10% grip difference between qualify and race in favor of the first…

Still on the subject, in a recent race it looked to me that after a heavy rain practice session, in the following training session, although the track was stated in the info as “dry”, the track had no rubber marks (no darker line) and I wasn’t able of doing my dry lap times (harder I tried). Cumming the end of the session, a dark line started to show, and (only) then I was able of doing my usual dry lap times.

Maybe it was psychological, i.e. one comes from rain and has his “claws” a bit retracted so he can’t go fast, maybe it was a synchronization problem and the track was “dump” to the server but showed “dry” to me … or yet, maybe it wasn’t and a "clean" track effect (no rubber in it) is really coded in the game ;)

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