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Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by MLN94, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. MLN94


    What exactly does traction control do?
    Also can anyone tell me what is the ideal setup when using it? I know it keeps like control of the car so it doesnt spin out easily but what would be the best setup using that then? Is it just going into the quick setup and go to the very right or is there a better setup?
  2. glight


    Traction control hinders your cars acceleration when you are on the gas too hard. It is similar to ABS in a way since if you have ABS off you can threshold brake and will be able to brake later. If you have TCS off you will be able to get on the gas earlier as long as you are able to exercise enough throttle control and feather the gas pedal evenly.

    I find that it is hard to play with TCS off when you are using a controller or a cheap set of pedals, I play with it on medium (for now). TCS is very helpful in the rain though.
  3. My993C2


    Traction control helps protect led foot happy drivers from power-on oversteer scenarios. If you apply too much throttle too abruptly, traction control will cut some of the power to the rear wheels and it helps you avoid swapping ends. But traction control can mask power-on oversteer setup deficiencies. However I am not so sure I would get too hung up in the game on mastering power-on oversteer setups. First off it is debatable as to how accurate the setups are in this game. The fact that the game does not even factor in tire temperature spreads and adjusting the tire pressures based on the temperature spreads (one of the fundamental things you do when setting up a car for the track) makes one wonder how accurate the setups really are. Also there is no one perfect setup for all corners on a given track. It is a balance between finding what feels right to allow you to drive at your limits.

    Oh and in a real world Formula car, about 90% of your engine power comes from the first 50% of the throttle movement. Only the last 10% of the engine power comes from the remaining 50% of the throttle. I don't think this game models that throttle movements very well. So it is easy in this game to be too abrupt with the throttle.

    BTW, what is the difference between oversteering and understeering? That's easy. When you understeer you see the tree you are about to hit. When you oversteer you don't see the tree. LOL
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