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Traction Control & Lap Times

Dec 25, 2008
In GT5P I was trying to clear the "Can you beat them all in 1 lap" challenge in Class C in a Ferrari F430.

At first it looked nothing but impossible with traction control set to 5 & the best I could manage was P8. Then I enabled all assists & could not even get close to the other cars.
Finally when I disabled traction control I could manage a P6 but that required plenty of skill with the Dualshock 3 controller.

May be it's the braking that traction control uses slowed me down. Plus I had a lot of skidding at corners which I thought was because of this braking.

The only way ahead for me now looks to be the Logitech G27 that will come in December. Perhaps the DFGT wheel could have taken care of all this with the ability to change brake bias on the fly.

Anyone else had problems clearing this race & any tips on how to clear it? :th_Jttesur:

Kevin Watts

Jun 28, 2008
It can be done on a joypad (I did it that way) but a wheel makes it a lot easier in my opinion to control a powerful car such as the Ferrari F430 because you can feed in the throttle more gently although many users are very good just on the joypad.

You are right about TCS slowing you down, I beat that challenge with all aids off it just needs a little practice.
Dec 25, 2008
I suppose the stability control system needs to be ON as I found out yesterday when going into long sweeping inclined corners from 2nd gear. I mean the gravity got the better of me there :thinking:
Dec 25, 2008
Cleared it yesterday using the gamepad :).
Thanks guys, your suggestions were helpful. But really had to chalk it out clearly & execute it efficiently keeping my heartbeats under control ;).
I mean I had to overtake the selected players in the selected turns to win!

Bert Van Waes

Don't turn of ABS. The cars just don't brake otherwise :p

Mark do it! turn it off. And read those cars like you would read real ones. Like: these are not race cars but road cars... So if you would press a road car without ABS suddenly on its brakes hard, it will lock up and stay there. my real car even trys to lock them halfway the brakepedal, depends on how clean my brakefluid is.

In a roadcar on the track it's the same.


always race with aids off
i also find it easier with R3 tyres when racing 2P

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