Tracks don't show?


Guy's a mate of my has a problem with tracks not showing in the select list with some mods. The tracks show with one mod but not with another. One track is the new Albert Park.The other track I don't know the name of just that it's new. They show in the list for some mods but doesn't show for V8Factor or NAGT mods. I don't have these tracks so I'm at a loss to understand why this would happen.

Any ideas?

Thanks guy's.


Its highly likely in the GDB file the first line -

Filter Properties = 2005 RoadCourse SRGrandPrix OWChallenge in a standard track

NAGT rFM has this line Track Filter = SRGrandPrix

So if its an addon track and they didn't put the SRGrandPrix in the filter properties then it won't see the track.

I'm looking at an old version of V8Factor here but its rFM has this Track Filter = OR: SRGrandPrix V8SC06 - so once again it won't allow any track that doesn't have SRGrandPrix or V8SC06. Which causes a problem obviously.

I guess you could also say the RFM for the two mods are causing the problem as well as they are limiting themselves to only those types of tracks.

Both rFMS should have had a star instead so it would allow all tracks. Would have solved the problem that if you had the mod you could drive any track regardless.

I guess the Albert Park track was for the F1's and its Filter is probably OWChallenge for open wheelers cos it was done by someone overseas that doesn't realise that in Aus we like tintops as well.


Cool. Thanks FlashQld. That's making sense now. I don't know the other track he's having trouble with but I'm guessing it may be the same. I am however wondering if anyone else has found that tracks not showing up for other mods.
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