TrackIR, FreeTrack and Face track

Evan Madore

Hey guys. Make sure your lighting is as even as possible on your face. I had my lamp to the left of my desk facing the wall and the left side of my face would be lit up more than the right. This made it track to the right more sensitive than the left.

Lee Palmer

Evan is there a way to set an offset that your aware? Mine seems to have the camera as centre. My cameras to the right of my monitor so the view is always looking slightly left :p.
Hi guys,

just foun the FaceTrackNoIR and was wondering to use it for rFactor.
However I tried the setup as explained within the header of this thread, but
it seems that the Version 1.4 is a little bit different than the version used to describe it here.
Can somebody help me with setting this thing up correctly.
I'm currenlty using an Logitech Webcam, but the HZ does not go higher than 5. So
tomorrow I will get an PS3 Eye for this purpose.

Thanks in advance.

Abdul Al-Amry

2011 RD Indy 500 Winner
My PS3 n Xbox360 cameras are just collecting dust. I shall venture in this tomorrow and see how it feels like. Thanks Evan

Abdul Al-Amry

2011 RD Indy 500 Winner
Evan your n00b proof explanation in installing and setting this up is top notch m8. THanks alot.

I've tested it and can definitely see myself using this. However I did experience this:

In iRacing this works, could do with having more feedback as the transition from left to right was too slow for me. Also the in-car steering column(I have disabled in-car wheel) is not aligned straight with my view. Tried to move camera left n right, my head left n right but all didnt solve it.

Must say once these minute niggles are sorted I aint racing without this. Great experience.
This work's like a charm. Tested today and it works. Although it will get me sometime to get used to it. But it's pretty awesome and you don't have to pay 150 euros for the real track ir. Amazing.

Thanks man.

Rupe Wilson

Hello, now ive got another problem...
ive got a ps3 eye but cant get it to work ... i need a driver i think
if i google it i get this from what i understand i need the cl eye platform driver /single camera driver ... If i try and install it it stops half way through the install, and gives me a message about a time out so it stops installing... any ideas on what im doing wrong...
win7 x64


Project Immersion
Hey.... I use a TrackIR and have done for years and years, wouldn't be without it.... but this 'free' software using your own or cheap hardware looks the dogs danglies....

Edit: I have come across a 8MP USB Webcam that is not only small, but had Infra red LEDs so you won't have to light up your face :) I did put a link on here, but after checking out the site, there was a minimum order and looked dodgy, so removed it.... I'm sure there are plenty of places to get these though.
Face tracking was very CPU intensive, and made most games unplayable for me. Also, it often lost contact.

FreeTrackIR on the other hand works flawlessly, even with regular LEDs (no IR ones near me). And with a cheap generic Logitech webcam too, nothing fancy at all.

Rupe Wilson

Just made mine and it works so smooth:) 3 red led with the tops flattened with a file attached to headphones(i hate baseball kaps) and a nokia phone charger to power them... works better with my logitech webcam pro9000 than the ps3eye
Freetrack is so good.... Did you know you can also use trackir camera and reflector/proclip with freetrack for games that support tracking but are not compatible with trackir
takes a bit of getting used to and i need to fine tune setting:rolleyes:

Rupe Wilson


Brian Clancy

nice to see this cool thread back again! The freetack system works really well, I used a Wii controller rather than PS3 Eye, you get over 100fps that way...... smooooth ;)
Having real trouble getting FacetrackNoir to work in any game at all. Im using v1.6 and an old xboxlive webcam. Within the program itself my face tracks fine, I can see the raw XYZ input values change and the icon in the top left move.

However If I leave it running and load up a game like rFactor, Wings of prey or Rise of Flight nothing works. I also noticed that when I close the game and return to FaceTrackNoir the input and left icon appear locked for a few moments then start to move again after a few seconds.

Any ideas?

Rupe Wilson

Hi Ive been playing around with this stuff for a while mater what i tried it just wasn't good enough.. latest attempt free track and 3 led lamps is by far the best Ive had yet..
I will take Brian's advice and get a Wii remote instead of a web cam and use my 3 red led lamps
Been looking into putting some kind of face tracking into my rig and came across this thread again and i was wondering if a PS3 Eye cam works would an Xbox Kinect sensor? A lot of MS products work on the pc via adapters and software might be worth picking up a kinect!
Hi all,

I came across the thread yesterday and like the idea of head movement Freetrack, so i decided to build one unit I've gotten all the part at home "lucky me'" and spent about 4hrs build it now it is completed.
I have a problem, i have race 07 but i'm mot sure how to enable the Freetrack to work on it, my question is: How do i enable it on the game/other titles?
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