Tracking when buying from sim-lab


Did any of you that bought gear from sim-lab receive a tracking id/link so you could follow your package? Asked sim-lab but they never answered that question. I bought something on black friday which was supposed to be sent last Friday but haven't heard a thing.
I think I had tracking info. Can't remember who carried it though. Be warned that the shipping process can take some time. To be fair I am in Australia but I remember mine taking a fair while to even leave the warehouse.

From order to receipt I was waiting nearly 6 weeks. They did have a big influx of orders and I was cautioned prior to placing the order that it would take up to 2 weeks to prepare the shipment but it did take longer than that. The good news is that once you get it you won't be disappointed.
I have bought my rig during black friday and they've sent to me a tracking link only for the seat that is coming from a spanish supplier. I know that for the cockpit they need a bit more weeks, so I don't bother too much and let them to do their job. Plus it's Christmas ;)
I bought a GT1 Evo during Black Friday and I did get a UPS delivery email with a tracking link. However, the email came from UPS rather than Sim Lab directly.