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Tracks Track Update Series - Spa GP 1.0

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chargingcar submitted a new resource:

Track Update Series - Spa GP - Full Track,Tarmac and Sponsor Update!!!

"Track Update Series"
Spa GP
Special Thanks to Reddvers again for Helping the Community receive These Updates Sooner:thumbsup:
Please ensure you make a full backup before installing these Track Mods;)
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\f12013\tracks\circuits\Spa_Francorchamps​

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Just a little taster, for the full meal you need to download and drive...........

any chance of getting 1 download for all the files if they are all finished?

Here's how I did it:

1. Open Windows Explorer (Windows Key + E)
2. Select my C:\CodeM\ALL MODS\F1 2013 folder
3. Create a new folder and name it tracks
4. Copy all 19 unzipped circuits folders to the newly created tracks folder at step 3. above.
5. When all of step 4. above is done, copy the newly created tracks folder to my f1 2013 folder.

(I don't use Ryder25 mods tool, but I keep original Steam downloads as backup copies.)
I think he meant to download all in one go in the same thread rather than going to each individual track thread and potentially missing some.

Got all of them myself, great work!