Track update identification difficulty

I've mentioned this before and absolutely nothing has come of it, so I'll mention it again.
First, thank you guys for your work.
That said, can you please put some kind of a file to identify what version of the track a particular release is.
It is quite easy, if you don't already have a particular track to simply go into the download section and get the latest version. It's simple because you can see the revision tag.
The problem arises if a version is already installed and then there is a newer release.
A very good example is the Spa 92 track in the download section here.
Every download has the exact name (Spa92.7z), so it's impossible to tell if the one you already have installed is the latest 0.9.8 or first version.
Without a version file, there is no easy way to identify installed versions without downloaded all and checking the .kn5 files.
That's a bit silly for something so simple as a text file with a simple version number included.
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Hi Terry, please look into the FAQ under 5.5
That statement holds true for Kunos' tracks, which offer no mystery... since updates will always give you the latest version.
Where I'm finding it a bit difficult, is with add-on tracks which have been revised.
They don't all seem to follow that trend.
The other issue is that you'd still have to download the track to gain access to the .kn5 file for it's date modification check.
After doing months and sometimes years of work to make a track, would a simple one line text file stating version number make that much difference?
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