Track texture problem

hi everyone, been working in BTB for about a week or two it is a great tool for creating tracks, for the past 4 days i've been working on a track based around where i live here in chile, ive modelled and done all the work just fine, but after exporting to rFactor the track would always crash, so i did the track again but just with the default xpack in BTB, exported to rF loaded up fine, then i added PLP's texture pack into the project and replaced the track texture with one from that xpack, exported to rF and the game crashed, had to reboot the computer, so after replacing the track textures with textures from the default set, the track loaded up again fine, so im wondering why would a texture crash the game? i extracted out of PLP texture xpack to see the DDS and its 1024*1024 so why? it should work right?
sorry for that long post.
greetings from chile.
Well there was a simple fix for this, it crashed when applied to the track because it didnt have any rF material name associated to it, so i just edited the material in Edit materials and put in rFactor material to roada and then it worked just fine
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