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Anyone got this bug again, or is it just me? Track doesn't rubber in like 2013, in fact it doesn't rubber in at all.

I recall it having something to do with frame-rates in the past, until they finally worked it out and fixed it.
The track rubbered in fine for me in my second career rate at Bahrain. I'd changed no settings at all, the race was the same distance (irrelevant as I could see the track rubbering in in practice and quali, it's very distinctive, impossible to miss). So for me at least it's track by track.
vsync had to be off for it to work correctly. but if you had a g27 wheel and ran over the 60 fps, then the FFB would do some wacky stuff to you while driving.

but i will say that the line does work, its slower than in years past, and seems to depend more on race temp too.
I did Australia perfectly sunny an no difference between start and end of the race. 25% distance. Last year it was really obvious. I'll try to set Vsync outside the game see if it makes a difference.

Also have Sweet FX and AA enable, maybe that could affect the post process of the track?! Who knows...
Maybe, I dont run either of those, and have the feature working in my game..

here is a link to a co-op race the other night I was doing, and you can see from lap 1 to 10 there is a massive change in the track surface

Maybe, I dont run either of those, and have the feature working in my game..

here is a link to a co-op race the other night I was doing, and you can see from lap 1 to 10 there is a massive change in the track surface

Would you mind checking Australia?

I've had to restart my career twice and I can definitively say that for me the track does not rubber in at all in Australia (in practice, quali or a 25% race), it definitively did rubber in in Bahrain (very strongly) and it also did rubber in in Montreal (much more moderately than Bahrain).

In GP mode I've seen no sign of it in Austria, but mild signs of it in Singapore. I've done testing with and without mods and found no difference.

So the variation is weird. At this point I'm not sure if it's a track specific thing and applies to everyone (like the way it didn't rubber in in Monza and Monaco in F1 2013) or if there are just some of us affected (probably a hardware thing).

I'm using a G27 with V-sync off (I've found ways around the steering bug), Sapphire ATI R9 290.

*edited to add*

Catalunya rubbers in in 25% GP mode. Took a lot longer than Bahrain and is a bit patchy looking. Maybe they've just got more sophisticated this year and changed the rubbering in level per track, maybe I need to do a 100% race in Oz to see it.
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Soo.. interesting update - just finished a 25% race... the only place that actually rubbered in (at Melbourne) is the left hand part of the chicane at the beginning of sector 2... nothing else.

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Thanks for taking the time to do that, proves we're not completely mad. :)

Yes I do remember seeing the track a bit darker at the start of the sweepers there in my career, it isn't as dark for me as it looks in that screenshot, but there was something. Because it was isolated and lighter for me I wasn't sure it was part of the rubbering in.

It's interesting because that one spot looks a lot like the four or five splotches of rubbering in I got in Catalunya - usually covering a part of a high speed corner but never a hard braking zone. Whereas in Bahrain and Montreal it feels more like a fairly continuous line.

I'm not sure if Codemasters are being strangely sophisticated and programming the line to look different on different tracks or if there are bugs. There definitely should be more rubber in Oz than that one spot IMO, though the track doesn't have much in the way of high speed corners. But neither does Bahrain really.
HI, Not sure if this is relevant to this thread or not. When you talk about rubbering in do you mean visually and mechanically (i suppose you would say grip or speed). I have raced 3 races in career and there is no visual rubbering in and my times only get marginally quicker. Where as the AI cars are 3 or 4 seconds quicker by the last ten laps. I was on quicker tires full revs and they were 2 or 3 seconds a lap faster on slower tires and standard revs (i guess). I have cars driving around me like i was standing still and back markers trying to overtake me. My qualy times were very competitive, on low fuel. You would expect my end of race times match my qualy time but i was 2 to 3 seconds slower. The AI pole time was about the same as his final lap time.
What files would you adjust to make the players car match the speed increase that the AI are getting from less fuel and rubbering in. ? There must be a way of adjusting the speed or grip of the players car to compensate for this diffrence.

Thoughts please?