Track not installed - Donington GP

Ondrej Kapal

all the time, if I try to join to online server with this track it says "Cannoct connect - track not installed" as it is default track... or it has changed is there another version of this track?
GTL does not show the track correctly if the server is running an add-on track - it wrongly displays a default track instead.

Bit bizarre I know.

Stuart Thomson

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Nope - that is a quirk of the lobby, and what is happening is not what it looks like.

What is actually happening is that the server you are trying to join is running a track you do not have installed, but displaying the name of a track you do have.

Very confusing, I know. However, the game does only use one track name at a time as a "substitute" so you could try some of others servers showing default tracks that aren't Donington, as they are likely to be what they say they are.

Alternatively, later on this afternoon, I will put up a GTL skin testing server with just one of the default short courses on it - probably Nurb Mullenbach.

I'll post back when it's up, so you can test your connectivity
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