Track made in BTB crash after loading


Sep 19, 2015
Hi! I've made a track in Bob's Track Builder for rFactor, added some houses to look more like a residential zone, added another track for the pit, added lighting posts, gonna test it in game and... crashed with a "rFactor has stopped working" message after track has been loaded.
The Xpacks used in the project are the following:
BTB Default (lightpost used)
French_Houses by Parlesportes/Zaxxon (only some houses used)
Guarda by Zaxxon (guardrail string object used)
Objects_Poland by Martinez (only some houses used)
RBR_Objects by Parlesportes (only some houses used, nothing more)
Rural Australia by Ennisfargis (only some houses used)
Smes Pack by CidJC (start and finish gate used from this Xpack)
I'm sending the track too for analysis.
Any solution will be tried.
Thank you.
Track link for analysis:


Dec 8, 2010
At a quick look, I would say it's because you have over 2000 street lights for one object of track. The limit, too make the lights work, is 4 lights for one track object.

Get rid of the lights and split up the track into 500 meter lengths and then try again to load it into rF.