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Track Guide: Yas Marina - Abu Dhabi

Discussion in 'F1 2010 - The Game' started by glight, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. glight



    On board with Lewis:

    Steve Stoop's ingame hotlap:

    Front Wing Angle: 3
    Rear Wing Angle: 1

    Balance: F 48% - R 52%
    Pressure: High
    Brake Size: Standard

    Ballast Distribution: F 70% - R 30%
    Front Anti-roll Bar: 1
    Rear Anti-roll Bar: 11

    Front Ride Height: 1
    Rear Ride Height: 1
    Front Spring Stiffness: 6
    Rear Spring Stiffness:11

    Gear 1: 150 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 2: 182 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 3: 215 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 4: 249 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 5: 285 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 6: 322 kph / xxx mph
    Gear 7: 362 kph / xxx mph

    Throttle map: Fast
    Fuel: Fixed

    Camber front: -1.10
    Camber rear: -3.00
    Toe front: 0.09
    Toe rear: 0.35

    At Yas Marina my time was 1:44.673

    edit: decided to do a rewrite after doing lots more laps tonight (on option tyres)

    Sector 1

    Turn 1: You are in 6th coming down the Start/Finish straight. Brake before the 100m marker Come inbetween where the curb starts and the marker. Come down to 2nd so that you can accelerate into 3rd as you power through the turn. You can make the turn in 3rd but this way you are not in danger of spinning out from trying to carry too much speed.

    Turn 2: Stay wide (right) after turn 1 and you should be able to make this lefthander without trouble. Resist turning in until you shift into 5th gear. At this point lift off the gas and turn sharply. Immeadiately get on the gas again, but lift off to about 80% as you get about 1/2 the way through. On the exit entering Turn 3 you can floor it.

    Turn 3: Similar to turn 2. Come off the gas a little (80%) at about 1/2 way through, floor it after you are certain you will not go wide.

    Turn4: Flat out.

    Sector 2

    Turn 5: Brake before the 100m mark (approx. 110m) coming down to 2nd. Come off the brake, downshift to first and hang a sharp left. On exit accelerate hard (but do not get into 2nd) and then immediately come off the gas.

    Turn 6: Continue your line from turn 5. Stay in 1nd gear and feather the gas (if you must accelerate). Wait until you are done exiting until you floor it. You should be in 2nd before turn 7.

    Turn 7: Very tricky. Start wide (if you're not being chased) and look for where the curbing ends on your right. Brake briefly, downshift to 1st and turn in immediately (crank it left). Keep your foot of the gas until you are passed the apex and then floor it to reach the kurbing on the right. Continue down the straight.

    Turn8: After the long straight watch for the markers on your right and slam on the brakes when you see the 150m. Come all the way down to 1st and make sure you don't underbrake crank the wheel left just after getting into 1st. Straighten out as you aim for turn 9 and give it a squirt of gas to enter the next turn.

    Turn9: Resist the urge to shift into 2nd before this turn (I know you are in a hurry). Crank the wheel right and stay in 1st so you make it safely onto the next straight.

    Turn10: Flat Out (why is this marked??)

    Sector 3

    Turn11: Not as bad as the last chicane. Brake inbetween the 150 and 100 mark (approx. 125m) coming down to 1st again. You need to being going slow enough to set up for the next 2 turns so don't try too hard to outbrake your opponents here.

    Turn 12: Not really a turn since you are aiming for Turn 13 coming out of Turn 11. You might have to slightly turn the wheel left then immediately right again to enter turn 13. If you are aiming for the next turn you should be able to use some solid acceleration lifting off as you enter turn 13.

    Turn 13: Stay in 2nd and don't get duped into accelerating too hard. You can give it some light throttle in order to end up next to the curbing on the right side of the exit. After touching the curb you can floor it.

    Turn 14: After getting into 3rd gear leaving Turn 13 watch for the overhead (little F1 sign) on your right. That is your cue to brake sharply and turn in for turn 14. It is a little scary, but come down to second, keep your foot OFF the gas and turn hard left and you will make it. Gun it once you know you wont run off the road.

    Turn 15: This one reminds me a bit of Istanbul's 5 apex turn... Ok, so accelerating out of turn 14 you should be in 5th going into turn 15. Stay left for the entry and use about a 1/4 turn on the wheel so you end up wide on the exit. Don't turn too sharp or you will have a bad line through turn 16. You can take this turn flat out (trust me). Shift into 6th on the exit.

    Turn 16: Similar to Turn 15, you want to end up wide for the next turn. However you can aim closer to the right this time since this turn is sharper. You want to come off the gas as you are done entering and coast through the turn. Aim for the curb on the left but not too strongly since we need to stay on the road.

    Turn 17: Now it's time to brake. Maybe wait until you are a third or halfway down the curbing on the left before doing so. Come down from 6th to 2nd (or 1st) coast your way through. Accelerate hard on the exit to 2nd gear.

    Turn 18: After just getting to the shiftpoint for 3rd gear take your foot off the gas and turn sharply left. Now you might need to quickly tap the brake before you enter or maybe not. Either way keep your foot off the gas until you're exiting.

    Turn 19: Exiting turn 18 you should easily get into 3rd gear but just afterward we need to brake slightly and come down to 2nd to make this turn. Immediately after the hotel has passed above your head brake hard and turn in. Accelerate on the exit.

    Turn 20: Look out for the 50m marker on the left. Brake hard just before it, about midway from where the curb starts and the marker. Come down from 5th to 3rd. Begin turning just after you start to brake. Accelerate to 4th before entering the last turn.

    Turn 21: You need to be careful and not jump the gun on this turn as it easy to hit the curb on the inside that divides the track and pit lane. Watch for the curb on the left, once you get there brake down to second and gradually turn in to make it round as you feather the throttle. It is OK to wait until you are about 1/4 of the way down the curb to turn in (after braking where the curb starts).

    Now smile, you're finally at the finish.

    Notes: Holy crap this is a long circuit (maybe it just seems like it after just racing Interlagos...) Watch out for the curbs in the 3 chicanes, you might want to up the ride height to 2 or 3 to avoid any spins. Low downforce and throttle control through the faster corners seems to be the key to a fast lap here. Prime tyres are a real biotch to drive with here...

    It is tempting to increase the wing for all the fast corners but trust me you will regret it on that long straight. It is better to use less wing, get more practice and then take advantage of the decreased drag on the straight.
  2. Steve Stoop

    Steve Stoop

    to supplement your nice writeup here's a vid of a quali lap I did (Mclaren on GP mode, sims on, no assists )with commentary on how I attack this track

    did this a while ago when training for a league race there. Hated it coming onto it, now i frickin love this track lol....did take a whole lot of practice
  3. Forrest


    Thanks. Please keep these coming
  4. Jelinski619


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