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    on board with Massa (and the speedometer):

    Steve Stoop's Career Video:

    Setup: (based on Gravie's)

    Front Wing Angle: 2
    Rear Wing Angle: 1

    Balance: F 51% - R 49%
    Pressure: High
    Brake Size: Standard

    Ballast Distribution: F 60% - R 40%
    Front Anti-roll Bar: 7
    Rear Anti-roll Bar: 8

    Front Ride Height:1
    Rear Ride Height: 1
    Front Spring Stiffness: 6
    Rear Spring Stiffness: 7

    Gear 1: 126kph / 77 mph
    Gear 2: 155 kph / 95 mph
    Gear 3: 184 kph / 112 mph
    Gear 4: 213 kph / 129 mph
    Gear 5: 243 kph / 150 mph
    Gear 6: 278 kph / 171 mph
    Gear 7: 315 kph / 196 mph

    Throttle map: Fast
    Fuel: Fixed

    Camber front: -1.20
    Camber rear: -3.10
    Toe front: 0.10
    Toe rear: 0.38

    At Valencia my time was 1:41.707

    Sector 1

    Turn 1: Flat out. Going across the pit straight drift left after crossing the line then right through the corner then left on the exit. Try not to yank the steering wheel too hard as you go through to help conserve speed. Use the full width of the road and get the car over to the left for turn 2.

    Turn 2: Watch the road on the left. Inbetween the 150 and 100m markers is a crosswalk I use for the braking point. Brake hard down to 3rd gear then turn in very sharp so that the entire right wheel is off the road. Stay off the gas as you approach and drop another gear. You need to take off enough speed to make 3 as well.

    Turn 3: Continue your line from 2 using a tiny bit of throttle approaching 3. Just before the curb on the inside left starts begin accelerating and gently turning left. Shift into 3rd in the middle of the turn and then 4th on the exit. You will need to manage the throttle (about 80-90%) to prevent a spin. Use only as much steering as you need to stay away from the wall on the exit. Floor it once you are near the wall on exiting.

    Turn 4: Stay right after 3. In 5th gear brake just after the overhead past the 100m marker; come down to 2nd and turn in sharply around 50m (3rd gear). Grab the curb with the front left on the way through. Make sure to take off enough speed so that you end up no wider than the middle of the road for 5.

    Turn 5: After exiting 4 use a quick stab of throttle to get to 5, then turn sharply right and grab a little more curb than you did for 4. Make sure to lift off as you go over the curb and gently apply the throttle as you exit. It is easy to spin or come close to the wall on exit so do be gentle leaving 5. Shift to 3rd as you make contact with the curb on the left of the exit.

    Turn 6: Flat out left after 5.

    Turn 7: Flat out right after 6. Get over to the left for 8.

    Sector 2

    Turn 8: Brake very hard at the 100m marker on your left down to 1st gear. Turn in sharply once in 2nd so that you grab a bit of curb with the front right on the way through. Accelerate gently only after touching the curb using about 50% throttle to get to 9. Make sure to take 8 slow enough that you don't go wide on the exit and pointing the car towards 9 will be easy.

    Turn 9: Use almost full throttle to go through allowing the car to come right on the exit. Make sure not to turn too sharply and don't floor it or you will spin. Immediately after coming to the right aim the car at the 50m marker of turn 10. Shift to 3rd on the way through 9 and 4th on the exit.

    Turn 10: Brake at 50m coming down to 2nd. Turn sharply just after you begin braking and downshift to 1st as you coast through. Stop the back end from stepping out by not grabbing the curb on this corner. Wait until the car rests on the left side of the exit before accelerating away hard. You don't want to go wide before the straight.

    Turn 11: Flat out left. Make your way over to the left before 12.

    Turn 12: Keep your eyes peeled for the camera (black box) hanging down next to the 100m marker. Brake very hard just before it coming down to 1st for turn 12. Turn in slightly as you reach 3rd then sharply as you reach 2nd. Turn 13 is right after so don't go wide and you will be able to accelerate (into 2nd) towards it on the exit after grabbing a little of the curb on your way through 12.

    Turn 13: Coast through and stay close to the curb on the inside left but don't touch it. The exit is long so apply a little throttle as you pass the curb waiting briefly before applying more as you exit. Allow the car to come to the right as you gently accelerate away, get into 3rd once you come to the right. Immediately after coming right point the car left at the 50m marker (and camera) of 14.

    Turn 14: At the 50m marker come off the gas, drop to 3rd then turn in strong. Grab the curb late and then accelerate gently when you do. The car will drift left easily on exit but you should be able to get a good bit of acceleration if you didn't turn in too early. Shift to 4th on the exit after touching the curb on the left.

    Turn 15/16: Flat out left. Get over to the left on the way to 17.

    Sector 3

    Turn 17: Brake hard when the curb starts on the left, come down to 2nd gear and then turn in sharply right gearing down to 1st after turning in. Braking at the curb should allow you to take a wide entry and then start accelerating after coming close to the curb just before the end of the turn. Accelerate hard after you touch the curb there is enough road to come left then get over to the right to enter 18.

    Turn 18/19/20: FLAT. OUT. Turn in sharply left before the 50m marker (camera) grabbing as much of the curb on the inside left as you can. Wait briefly before turning sharply right (full lock) and taking another bite of curb for 19 (enter 18 in 5th and 19 in 6th). Bring the car left on the exit 19 by opening the wheel a little. Just after touching the curb on the left go back to full lock right and shift to 6th. Keep everything tight and sharp and you wont go wide exiting 20.

    Turn 21/22: Flat out kink right then immediately left.

    Turn 23: Drift right exiting 21/22 then come in close left through 23 aiming the front right at the curb on 24.

    Turn 24/25: Braking point for 25. Lock the steering right to stay in contact with the curb then brake hard when it ends coming down to 1st gear. Straighten the steering after touching 24's curb and stay to the right of the pit line as you brake. Once in 1st gear (just before the pit line starts curving) turn in sharply left and coast so that you grab a piece of curb on the inside left as you go through. Accelerate gently after touching the curb shifting to 2nd as you get next to the curb on the right of the exit.

    Notes: S1 is pretty easy. 12/13 takes practice (braking), so does 17 and 25.
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    big thx for all ur track guides
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    Added the writeup and tweaked the setup a bit.
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    thank for your setup !

    my best lap for Gp valencia, is :1:39.885
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    Great job!
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    Andrew Bortz

    Heres my best racing lap online in the racedepartment league 1 race.

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