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    on board with Kimi Raikkonen and Martin Brundle

    Steve Stoop's Career Video:

    Front Wing Angle: 3
    Rear Wing Angle: 1

    Balance: F 50% - R 50%
    Pressure: Medium
    Brake Size: Standard

    Ballast Distribution: F 50% - R 50%
    Front Anti-roll Bar: 4
    Rear Anti-roll Bar: 11

    Front Ride Height: 1
    Rear Ride Height: 1
    Front Spring Stiffness: 5
    Rear Spring Stiffness: 5

    Gear 1: 147kph / xxx mph
    Gear 2: 180kph / xxx mph
    Gear 3: 213kph / xxx mph
    Gear 4: 247kph / xxx mph
    Gear 5: 283kph / xxx mph
    Gear 6: 319kph / xxx mph
    Gear 7: 365kph / xxx mph

    Throttle map: Fast
    Fuel: Fixed

    Camber front: -1.00
    Camber rear: -3.00
    Toe front: 0.10
    Toe rear: 0.35

    (that's all for now, will update with the write up when I can)

    At Spa my time was 1:47.430

    Sector 1

    Turn 1: Quickly move over to the left as you come down the short start/finish straight. Brake hard at 125m (between 150 and 100m boards) and turn sharply right after the lights go out in 1st gear. You want to slow down enough to take a big bite of the curb as you go through. Use full steering lock to do this and wait until you are close to the curb on the left of the exit before applying throttle.

    Turn 2/3/4: Flat out: As you approach the hill aim for the shell sign above the first curb on your left so that you have a straight run at the curb on the right of the hill. Turn ever so slightly left as you touch the first curb and wait until the curb starts on your right before turning right. You need to make sure that all your wheels stay on the road for best traction so only use about half of the steering as you climb the hill; use progressively more steering (eventually full lock) in order to stay next to the curb. It is OK to start to drift left after you are about 3/4 of the way up. Straighten out the wheel as you come to the top and then as you go over the hill turn left hard so that you don't get thrown off track to the right. This fantastic set of turns needs a lot of practice (no complaints here) as I can find 1 to 3 tenths throughout the session.

    Sector 2

    Turn 5: Brake hard at the 100m marker coming down to 2nd gear. At 25m or where the curb on your left ends (shifting into 2nd gear) turn in somewhat sharply using full lock. Get as close as you can to the curb on your right but it is OK to miss this apex as you will end up on the inside of 6. Anyway feather the throttle on the exit and straighten the wheel as the curb on the right ends.

    Turn 6: Continue the line from 5 and gradually turn in left using about half the steering to drive over the curb with your front left. Hold that half turn and keep feathering the gas as you shift into 3rd and then 4th on your way to meet the curb on the right of the exit. be aware if you are too heavy with the gas you'll have to lift off to avoid the gravel trap.

    Turn 7: You don't have time to take a perfect line after exiting 6 so just stick to the right for this right hander (the exit is wide enough anyway). When the curb on your right starts stab the brake and shift down to 3rd. Use a full turn to hold the inside line as you go through waiting until the inside curb ends before accelerating and shifting to 4th on the exit. Don't be afraid to be a bit generous with the gas on the exit but be aware of the gravel on your left.

    Turn 8: Stay left after 7 you will be in 5th gear just before braking. Just before the 100m marker there is some advertising overhead, brake firmly (but not super hard) between it and the 100m marker coming down to 2nd (You DO NOT want to outbreak yourself here, late breaking and locking up will be disastrous). Turn in gradually for this long right hander about 10-15m before the curb on your left ends. Stay completely off the gas until you are in contact with the inside curb, once there use a tiny bit to avoid riding the curb as you go round. You will need to use about 3/4 of the steering to do this. Start accelerating gently away once you are in view of the curb on the left of the exit. Shift into 3rd as you are releasing the steering and then 4th as you come next to the curb on the exit.

    Turn 9: Move quickly to the right after 8, stab the brake inbetween where the curb on your right starts and the tyre barriers further down. Turn in sharply left immediately after. Grab inside curb and accelerate (somewhat hard) away towards the curb (and grass) on the exit.

    Turn 10/11: Stay right after 9. Turn in sharply left at the 50m marker while using the brakes to come down to 5th and then downshift to 4th. After touching the curb on the left accelerate hard and release the steering to allow the car to come right (but not off track) for best acceleration. The second half of the turn can be taken flat out. Make sure you get a good turn in on the first half of the turn.

    Turn 12/13: At the end of 11 you will be in 6th and should be able to just get into 7th as you come left for turn 12. In between the advert on your right and the overhead brake hard coming down to 3rd gear. Start turning in gradually while under braking just after passing the overhead. You will only need to use half of the steering to get close to the inside curb at which point you need to go almost full lock to hold the corner. Ride the curb with a tiny bit of throttle until you can see 13, then give it a short stab to and straighten the wheel to glide over left into the middle of the track before coasting through the first part of 13. Use about 3/4 of the steering to hold the car next to the curb on your left as you feather the gas to get round. Like the exit of 12 you can apply more throttle once you can see the end of the curb on your left. Be careful not to give it too much gas as it is easy to go wide or spin off of this exit.

    Turn 14: Leaving 13 get to the left and brake just after the curb starts on your left. Start turning in right at the same time coming down from 5th to 2nd gear. Start with about a 1/3 of the steering as you enter going to 3/4 when the curb on your left ends. Stay off the gas until you come in contact with the inside curb. Be careful with the throttle as you exit bringing the steering back to about 1/2 right as you head for the curb on the exit. Be wary of the gravel on your left. Like turn 8, you do not want to be late with the brakes/lock them up (even though you wont need to press them too hard) since you will be turning at the same time.

    Sector 3

    Turn 15: Flat out, make sure to turn hard enough to avoid going into the gravel on the left of the exit. Accelerate straight from 14 keeping to the left. Turn in just before the curb ends on your left; use about 3/4 of the steering or almost full lock.

    Turn 16: Flat out kink left before 17, stay right on the exit.

    Turn 17: Flat out but not as easy as 16. Watch for the advertising on the fence that's to your right, once there start gliding left with about 1/4 of the steering. Once you can see the curb on the left (20m?) come to about 3/4 of a turn, use a little of the curb if you want but I like to keep all 4 wheels on track here. After the apex release the steering to about 2/3 or 1/2 depending on how much you need to stay on the road and avoid the turf on the exit.

    Turn 18/19: Come left after 17 and watch for the overhead advertising. This is about where the 150m marker is and is easier to spot a place between it and the 100m marker for your braking point. Brake as hard as you can coming all the way down to 1st. Begin turning in gently at the 50m marker (2nd gear) but don't really turn in hard until you're in the middle of the road looking at the curb of 18 (1st gear). Stay off throttle and use 3/4 of the steering right to get your front right on top of the curb. Then use full lock to point the car towards 19's curb. Resist the urge to use the throttle and just turn left with full lock once your nose is pointed at the white and orange arrows on the outside of the pit wall. Wait until you are all the way round before you even think of accelerating since it is super easy to spin here. Be very gradual with the throttle once you are on the right hand side after exiting 19.

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    The write up would be great, its much quicker to learn the track, with the detailed corner by corner guide.
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    I will try to get back into the swing of writing again this week.
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    Just did this:

    I know it's not my best lap and there's still more than 1 sec to find, but I think it's good to show how to brake into the corners.
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    bumping with the writeup
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    Wooo got me 1.3 seconds from my original time thx!
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