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Track for Richard Burns Rally 3ds Max

Hi all. I want create track for Richard Burns Rally in BTB.
I have some experiance with 3ds Max, so it would be good if I create with it.

Because I not found a Wallaby exporter, I learning create route and export with Bobs Track Builder which I bought. It is very hard work with it! I worked on Train Simulator engine, which Editor is much easier to adding objects, terrain etc.

My main question is:
Can I use booth programs together - like Max for create track and BTB for export to RCB?
But, problem will be a Driverline.

I make a test, I create 3D object- New Track in in Max.
I import in BTB as "Object" (not like track). So problem is now because I can't got DRIVERLINE. Anybody know can I got it somehow?

But, we can cheat BTB. Only idea what I have is to create normal track with BTB (there will be Driverline). And put my 3d Object-New track Above this original track in BTB.
That means I will hide original track, also I have mine New Track above, but this time with DRIVERLINE from "hidden" road which is bellow mine.
(With driverline I can add Start/Finish board and timeing.)

Is my idea good or you know other way?