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Track example ?

Discussion in 'Racer Tracks' started by berzingue, Mar 27, 2015.

  1. berzingue



    I would like to create a track in Racer with 3dsmax.

    here are questions :
    How must I name textures or objects to get collisions ?
    Where can I get documentation for track preparation in 3dsmax for perfect integration in Racer ?
    Where can I get documentation to learn how to use last TrackEd version ? (Lidar, etc...)
    Is it possible to get a .max track exemple for investigate about material names, objects names, etc?

    Thanks for help !
  2. Stereo


    Collisions are handled by geometry.ini flags as far as I know - the only object name limitation is that you should stick to letters, numbers, and underscores, same for materials and textures.
  3. Mr Whippy

    Mr Whippy

    As Stereo said, there are no hard and fast rules really.

    You can kinda do what you want which is nice because it gives you flexibility in how you do things, which leaves many things up to your imagination rather than limited by hard coded structures.

    The main thing you really need to do to go via trackEd is to have all materials within a sub-material material type in 3DS Max... that is just a legacy issue with the parser but it's fairly important so things go smoothly.

    If you're going the TrackEd route then just have material names in Max matching the shader names in track.shd, assuming you don't let trackEd make your track.shd as a base.

    Flags for collide etc can be set in trackEd too.

    Depending on what you're making I could advise to use the trackEd route, or just do more tasks manually and have more control.

    Are you any good with Maxscript at all?


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