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  1. Richard Coleman

    Richard Coleman

    Hey guys, I asked for some input into a track day so here are details for it.

    The track selected will be the Nurburgring GP/F.

    Time starting will be 7.30pm GMT. That makes it 6.30amNZT so yeah any earlier and I would be asleep. The date will be Saturday 3rdth August 2013. That gives people plenty of time to add me to their PS3 friends list.

    Rules, well clean driving is a must. I have decided on a max PP. After testing a lot of cars I have concluded that a 580PP max will be used. So basically any car at or below 580PP.

    It'll just be a fun time (I don't have a PS3 headset so yeah. I'll just be around). There may be some races with bragging rights going to the victors.

    That's about all for the details. If you have any questions them please feel free to ask.