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Hello fello sim racers!

Total rF2 r00b here - just bought a new CSW 2.5 and loving it, having a blast with rF2 as my first sim!

Is there a way to show on screen the name of the corners (if there is one) when going round a track, say for example Silverstone?

I have Crew Chief installed and he's telling me I'm slow at 'maggots', or whatever it may be, but I'm struggling to picture where the corners are...

Aye, yes I've found those and printed them out.

Apparently Crew Chief can call out the names of the corners if you give it a voice command to do it (well, says some random Reddit post I literally just found), I shall have a play tonight!
Yes, Crew chief can do that, for many tracks, but not all. You can find track maps for lots of tracks online, it may take some searching but you will find most corners. If you listen closely, someday you might find 'the bitch' corner.

Martin Fiala

This is possible in AC and the OtterHud for Raceroom also does this. It might be possible to do using SimHub and I was kinda looking into it, but first, it would be quite a bit of work (you'd have to match the corners with lap distances for every layout, though it might be possible to re-use some of the data the above mentioned tools have available), and sadly it is also beyond my current abilities (if it's even possible to read an external file/database in SimHub).
That is exactly the process. The Crew Chief team drove tracks and had a button to press for the beginning and ending of a corner. But they could never cover enough courses alone. They solicited users to use Crew Chief and mark the corners, THEN the names were recorded. An astounding undertaking.
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