Toyota Supra MKIV 1.0

Martin Vrba

Mar 13, 2009

Some1 and Niels_at_home have once again teamed up to bring a road car to rFactor, releasing the Toyota Supra MKIV.

The legendary Japanese road car is included both as Turbo and non-Turbo version, the mod is remarkable for bringing several new graphical standards to the trusted gMotor 2 engine. For example, the mod features new light flare shaders, giving the car very realistic looking headlights. Furthermore, the car comes with optimised body shaders providing better lighting effects.

Another feature worth to be mentioned is the extensive usage of rFactor’s damage system as the car has many detachable parts, including bumpers, doors, wing, tires and more. To make most of this mod and its challenging physics, make sure to read the included readme file.
source: VirtualR
download here

a great mod, definitely worth trying out... huge thanks to Some1 and Niels_at_home
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Andrew Evans

i used to drive one of these, i'm gonna haveta give this mod a whirl just for the lulz....

Gary Lennon

Feb 19, 2008
Just gaves these a quick blast round Lime Park,i am a bit stunned at how good this is,really lovely feel about them and complete and utter eye candy as a bonus,the new headlights are stunning :good:.

Well worth a stab at a club event.

Dean Tew

Jan 27, 2009
hi all does anyone know why i havnt got any mirrors or colours. ive done a fresh install and its still the same