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Toyota Supra 2JZ 900hp Big turbo Sound Mod

Sounds Toyota Supra 2JZ 900hp Big turbo Sound Mod 2019-03-05

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Dreaddarven submitted a new resource:

Toyota Supra 2JZ 900hp Big turbo Sound Mod - realistic sound from a 900hp Supra

Sound is taken from a 900+ hp supra.
Wastegate sounds when going full throttle...
Let me know if you like the volume of the turbo sounds, i thinks the bov is a little to loud but you could like it.

From the DDsoundpack for those that don't want to download a 100+mb rar file.

Just change the filename and GUIDs.txt to suit your car

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Depends on the Supra you want to put it in. It's like he says, you change the file name of his mod and the one in the GUID's to the name of the Supra you want to put the mod in.

Say for example you want to install this mod into the tuned MkIV, extract the files in the zip to the Downloads folder (makes it easy to find and edit), then you rename the bank file ks_toyota_supra_mkiv_tuned. Then you take his GUIDs file and open it in Notepad. Go to the Edit menu and select Replace, you want to replace whatever car name he's entered with yours, which in this case is ks_toyota_supra_mkiv_tuned, click Replace All, close the dialog box and save the file. Now you copy both files and paste them into the car's sfx folder which in this case would be content\cars\ks_toyota_supra_mkiv_tuned\sfx\, you want to replace a file so do so when prompted. When you open the car in Content Manager and drive it, it should now have the modded engine sound.