Touring Masters @ Phillip Island - Mon 29 March 2010

Mod: TCL Touring Masters 1.4

- please note we are on v1.4 of this mod. Last week we ran v1.3.

IMPORTANT - before installing BETA 1.4 (if you have BETA 1.1, 1.2 or 1.3) you MUST delete the folder rFactor\GameData\Vehicles\RD TCL. Failure do so will result in issues.

Track: Phillip Island
Event start: 19:00 GMT
Practice: 30 minutes
Qualification: 15 minutes
Race: 2 x 20 minutes (BTCC-esque second race grid)
1. Click here to read the password and golden rules.

2. Information about this new release here
Entry List:

1. Ryan Callan
2. Gary Lennon
3. Erling Bohmer
4. Lee Palmer
5. Valerio Vinassa
6. Ross McGregor
7. Rich Tranter
8. Ries Notenboom
9. Martin Bulgin
10. Kjell Stenbeck
11. Adam Eggbeer
12. John Sydenstricker
13. Jari Vinnari
14. Anders Nilsson
15. Matthias Meier
16. Rickard Javanainen
17. Jochen Lenaerts
18. Paulo Ribeiro
19. Nuno Areias
20. Jacek Osuchowski
21. Ethan Cros
22. Viljar Parts
23. Mark Warmington
Remember that the clocks go forward the day before this event - so the event has been moved back one hour, so it is still at the same time as always :)
Phwoar. Last weekend, we had the Phillip Island Classic down there. Awesome day! The Gibson Motorsport R32 GTR came out of retirement for the first time (competitively) and kept up it's reputation with 2 wins and a 4th (fuel delivery issues).

Apparently the Allan Moffat Sierra, VL Commodores and HR31's were very close for the minors. Be interesting to see if that's the case here :smile: (apart from Godzilla naturally!)
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