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Touring Masters and Salzburgring clean up awards!

Discussion in 'rFactor' started by Ryan Callan, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. Ryan Callan

    Ryan Callan


    The rFactor Mod of the Year was a fiercely contested three way battle. F1-S-R's F1 1991 Historic Edition started strongly but faded to take third place, IPM's FSOne 2009 came on strong late on to take second but it was the Touring Masters mod by TCL Team & Ryan Callan which took the overall honours. Overhauling the original TCL v1.1 mod, improving and making fit for league use, Touring Masters has proved popular with RD members, regularly filling grids in the rFactor Racing Club.


    The Track of the Year in rFactor saw an incredibly strong field of nominations, shown by the wide variety of voting seen. 2010 has surely been the strongest year yet in track-building. And it was com8's Salzburgring 2009 took a very narrow victory from Virtua_LM's Fuji of 82-93. Bringing up a strong third was Riches overhaul of Le Mans 04, just beating Vitus 09 and woochoo's Longford to the final podium position.

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